15 Reasons You Should Learn To Drive Now

Why you should learn to drive

A week ago today, I passed my driving test. I am 24 and it took me 7 years to get round to learning to drive. Don’t get me wrong, I had my own reasons for not wanting to learn, not needing to learn; I lived in London for some time where the tube was a much more convenient choice and I seemed to get around just fine without a license the rest of the time (thanks for all the lifts friends and family!). It even took me three different driving instructors and the patience of H ( who trust me was VERY patient and gave me my driving legs – I probably still wouldn’t be driving if it wasn’t for him). But here is why YOU shouldn’t put it off… hypocritical, I know, but humour me… hear me out.

  1. For some of us, the older we get the more cautious we get and we’re not getting any younger – Why are so many vans coming at me from the other side of the road? Will my car really fit down that lane? The sooner you start to drive, the more you get used to driving, the less traumatising it will be.
  2. You’ll reach a new level of independence, not having to rely on friends and family for a lift or on infrequent bus timetables with set routes that just seem to end up in town.
  3. You’ll have a mobile wardrobe, you can store; sunglasses, umbrellas, spare coats, different shoes and your gym bag, ALL in your car. I know. Genius. Never again will you have to lug around multiple bags. Your shoulders and back will thank you!
  4. You’ll learn a thing or two about car talk. Other cars flashing you to let you know to turn on your lights, beeping to let you know of speed checks. It’s practically another language out there on the roads.
  5. If like me you’ve never had a sense of direction you will quickly start to get clued up, I’m talking shortcuts and everything.
  6. The sooner you pass the lower the amount of years worth of lifts you’ll have to pay your friends back for, not to mention the amount of petrol.
  7. Driving solo is pretty fun, at first you will feel like you’re breaking the law because you’ve never sat in a moving car on your own before…
  8. … but soon you’ll realise you can also sing along to whatever you want, as loud and out of tune as you want.
  9. You will have no more excuses not to go visit your relatives you hardly see because you can’t easily get to them.
  10. Forgot to buy  something at the shop? Left something at a friends? Simple, you’ll be able to DRIVE to go get it.
  11. Compared to not driving you will feel like you ACTUALLY have as many hours in the day as Beyonce because getting from A to B  won’t take twice as long anymore.
  12. It can look good on your CV depending what line of work you want to go into.
  13. If you don’t know what line of work you want to go into yet… you’re one step closer to potentially becoming a driving instructor!
  14. You’ll be able to pretend you’re Britney Spears in Crossroads when you have your girls in the car.
  15. And you’ll always ride shotgun. No longer will you have to sit on the backseat!

Can you think of any other reasons you should start driving now?



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