Upgrade your beer pong game with Hexcup

hexcup lined up

Never one to shy away from an innovative new product, this week’s new thing comes from another Kickstarter-backed project find of mine called, Hexcup. Although Hexcup might seem familiar don’t let initial looks fool you, Hexcup as its motto suggest’s is ‘A Game Changer’

hexcup packaging

Beer pong is a great party game for any time of the year indoors or out, and something about summer BBQ’s with friends makes the thought of playing that much more appealing. However, the basic design of red style party cups to play beer pong has not changed since the game’s introduction. Hexcup has entered the market to change this, the new design as the name suggests is a hexagonally shaped beer pong cup which dramatically changes the way cups are stacked and the game is played.

hexcup lined up

The 6 sided edges have been reinforced and are made from durable PP, this means the cups resist cracking unlike conventional red party cups and a unique custom underside stops the cups from floating/ghost. The Hexcup also allows for close stacking so there are no gaps which makes playing much more entertaining as the ball has more chances of dropping in.

hexcup unique design

The Hexcup comes with 22 cups and 3 balls so you have plenty of spares of both, the cups are reusable and top rack dishwasher safe meaning there is no excuses for not using these on a regular basis. After playing a few games with the new design myself and friends alike all agree the honeycomb design is a much needed and improved change to the beer pong game. The Hexcup can be purchased directly from their site now the Kickstarter campaign has ended and on a side note, well done to the team from Hexcup for doing a great job in delivering these on time to all backers with regular updates.


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