Huckberry Haul (Part 2)

MenswearLast week I introduced you to the great website that is Huckberry, a site you must check out! I ordered a few items I was lusting after for a while and in this part 2 of the haul, I will give you a brief intro to each product and a short review.

First up is the lovingly handcrafted Bitflex Chelsea – Dark Khaki boots. I had always fancied a pair of Chelsea boots but truth be told never thought I could pull off the look, which may still be debatable… However, I am glad I invested in the Chelsea boots from Italian brand Astroflex. They are super comfy and really do have a premium feel, using 30 days aged leather and 100% natural rubber soles which don’t make a horrible cheap tap sound when walking in them.

I love candles, I know it’s silly you are literally burning away your money but hey if it smells good and has a handsome charismatic founder behind the brand and decent packaging, I’m sold. Great Bear Wax Co is such a brand, I had been following them for the past year or so but never hit the trigger on buying anything, using the discount on offer through Huckberry was the perfect excuse. The campfire scent is everything you’d expect, a woody burnt scent that will have you reminiscing those summer camping days. The tobacco bay, however, is in a league of its own with that classic musky scent but a freshness and sweet kick from the bay laurel.

I’ve tried a few water bottles in my time, some good, some not so good. When I found the ALEX water bottle I was sceptical but in truth, it’s a decent well-built product. A smart bottle, not smart as in fancy tech and app-enabled smart, just plain practical smart. This water bottle has some nifty features, ALEX unscrews into two pieces with Clean Seam Technology (CST), it has a removable silicone sleeve to protect it from dents and has this lovely textured durable powder paint coating which I love in the matt black.

Not something I was intentionally looking for and not even a brand I had heard of before but when DreamWave’s walkie-talkie/Bluetooth speaker set was featured I was more than intrigued. I had wanted a fairly robust pair of walkie-talkies for a while; durable with a decent range was some of the requirements but this set offers so much more including good looks and decent bonus features. Being able to use the Venture as individual Bluetooth speakers is one of these features and the sound quality is impressive for a small unit, ideal for camping, hiking and bike trips. I love the included lanyard and the walkies can be used in conjunction with other walkie-talkies, not just the Venture!

Everyone loves a good pair of sneaks but for me, the more minimal the better and Native is a brand that does minimal well and as they like to call it ‘Future Classics’. As fan of the brand for a while, it was another name I had yet to own any goods from, so I took full advantage of the offer to purchase the Apollo Moc, now it might not be to everyone’s taste but for me this is the perfect sneaker especially for easy wearing summer days that features breathable uppers and a general lightweight feel.


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