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Spring is here, and this warmer weather has got my thinking about some of the goals I set my self back in January. Now as well as spring cleaning our homes, I think April is the perfect time to get our goals back in order. Refresh our minds as to what we’re working towards, regain our focus and also see how far we’ve come. Or even if we have stuck to working towards what we want to achieve.

Don’t feel disheartened if you left your goals back in February, you can pick them back up again now, or you can scrap them and make new ones for that matter. This is all up to YOU!

Goals I set myself and where I am now

  1. Say yes more. When given the option of saying yes to something new and slightly out of my comfort zone I have said yes. Likewise if it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, I have obviously said yes. What I have also learnt is the importance of saying no. I have stopped saying yes for the sake of pleasing other people, and I have started saying no if it’s not something I want to do. Possible much more valuable.
  2. Continue to travel. So far this year, my flight path has taken me to London a couple of times. I love being able to get away and see friends and explore. However during the next months, I have some trips planned which will take me slightly further a field which I’m really excited about. In fact, we’ve even started saving a holiday fund as there are so many places we want to explore.
  3. Get into routines. I was doing really well at the beginning of the year and it even led to me becoming a morning person ( something anyone who knows me personally thought was next to impossible.) But after over a week of flu combined with birthday celebrations I am not in the routine I was hoping for. Time to get the focus back.
  4. Practise confidence. I’d like to think I’m slowly making progress.
  5. Be mindful of what I eat. I have definitely eaten more mindfully this year, I’m not healthy 100% of the time – thats for sure. But when I’m eating chocolate. or tucking into a burger with all the toppings and sides, it’s because I have thought about what I want, what I’m craving and I have no regrets about stuffing my face. Long may this last.
  6. Get back in touch. This I am getting better at, last week I headed down to Clapham to share crisps, dip and wine with my bestie from school who I hadn’t seen in too long. We’re already planning to try and see Regina Spector live in August.
  7. Sort out my skin. Another slow process but it has vastly improved since the beginning of the year, so I’m just trying to be patient.
  8. Separate the good, the bad and the ugly friendships. I have come to realise that I don’t have good, bad and ugly friendships. What I do have in friends who understand my life, are free similar hours to me and live in close proximity. What I also have is high maintenance friends who want me to live my life how they live theirs. I’m still trying to balance life with the latter.
  9. Regular exercise. I started the year our walking on the weekend with my girlfriend and then that sort of fizzled out even though we both loved it, funny how that happens with exercise isn’t it? And the beginning of last month I did a taster fitness class… I think it might be time to kickstart things again.
  10. Spend more quality time with family. It’s difficult when you don’t live in the same country as some of your family, but I have definitely enjoy all the time I’ve been able to spend with mine. Here’s to more of it.
  11. Be more proactive. I think my proactive levels were on the rise, and I know it’s easy to blame flu for them plummeting. But when you feel totally wiped out unexpectedly, at a time when you’ve been going at full speed- you get behind. And I’m not good at playing catch up- but I’m going to keep working on it.
  12. Make time for hobbies. I forgot this was one of my goals, but I am excelling at this.
  13. Mentally check in. I am very conscious of my mental health, when I feel my mind slipping into the darkness slightly and now I have ways of dealing with this. Something I’m very proud of.
  14. Get organised. I have been working towards this for years. Honestly. Throughout 2016 it appeared in my monthly goals but I am finally making progress- hurray! I have gotten rid of bin liners full of stuff. I have boxes full ready for car-booting. And I’m planning on switching my winter wardrobe out for my summer wardrobe later today and I expect there will be more of my clothes making their way down to the Salvation Army. But decluttering is the best feeling, and thats coming from a mildly reformed hoarder – I still have a lot of stuff to go through and organise though. I’m not actually sure I will be done this year….
  15. Host more. Considering we hosted New Years Eve, I’d like to think the year started off as well as it could have for this goal. Then I held a ‘Galentines Lunch’ and my 25th birthday. I think it’s a lot more pleasurable to host in the summer and beyond into the festive months.  So watch this space as I’m sure some of our soirees will feature here on Two Humans Living.
  16. Manage stress levels. This is much easier said than done, but I do know that I can jump from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye. I do think I have gotten better but I’d like to think my stress levels can be managed a lot further. I’m just not sure how I’m going to go about this yet.
  17. Focus on me. At times I am good at this, at putting time aside for myself, at focussing on my hopes and dreams. But it’s hard. It’s hard being selfish and it’s hard to know how to continue toward your hopes and dreams when it’s easy to get a bit lost or complacent along the way.

I feel so motivated after analysing my goals, I might have to do this every couple of months. It’s great to have a direction and feel focused again. If you’re wavering around some of the goals and promises you made to yourself back in January. I highly recommend spending time on them, taking them if you want to and going back out there to achieve what it is you set out to do!



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