How To Find Your Perfect Airbnb

As both hosts and travellers on Airbnb, we can understand the hesitation in using the service. In fact, we hosted on Airbnb long before we started using it to find accommodation for our own travels. But since we started using Airbnb, we always check it when thinking of packing our bags and heading to explore somewhere new. Not only can it be incredibly great value, you can gain insider tips to the country you’re visiting and truly feel like you’re staying in a home away from home… that because, well, you are!

Tips for booking on Airbnb

That being said, there are some tips that narrow down the search to finding your perfect (if there is such a thing) Airbnb listing.

Are You Flexible With Dates?

If you are, this can be a huge advantage. If you select specific dates, you are shown the listing available for those set dates. If you choose the ‘anytime’ feature – you can scan through all the listings and find your dream property. Simply click on the calendar and see when they’re available. Voila, you are one step closer to holiday mode in your perfect location.

Airbnb tips for budget travel

Make Use Of The Filters

Using the Airbnb filters really helps you to narrow down, what can sometimes be a vast, search quickly. Is an entire home essential for you to be comfortable? Are you travelling in a group where you need multiple rooms? All these specifics can be pinpointed in the filters sections to save you looking through several properties that will be of no use to you.

Read The Airbnb Reviews

You’ll often gain more insight into the host and the listing by reading the reviews. Unfortunately, in a few cases, the pictures can be too good to be true. That being said, don’t let one bad review put you off, we’re all different and we all have different expectations. Airbnb is not a hotel service, you are staying in someone’s home, you can’t expect it to have exactly the same rules as your own. Did someone say the host was helpful? Did they say the street was noisy? You can learn a lot from the reviews. However, think before you dismiss somewh

ere. If someone says somewhere was noisy and that’s the only factors stopping you from booking. Remember they could have had a baby with them, you might be out most evenings and not be affected by a noisy street.

Find your perfect Airbnb

Message The Host

Before making a booking, we like to get in touch with a potential host. We normally explain we’re a young couple looking to explore a new city. Then we ask if they think we’re a good fit for their listing. We’ve had host previous tell us we might prefer to look in a different area of the city which was very helpful and a better fit for us. You can also ask any questions you might have. Are they flexible with check in or check out times? This can be a big factor if you have booked flights. Or if the listing you’re looking at is an apartment, it might be worth asking what floor the listing is on.


Think about what is most important to you when looking for somewhere to stay. The price per night? A minimal space? Being close to a specific location? It is unlikely that you won’t have to compromise on your dream Airbnb property. So, know what your most important factor is when looking!







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