October Goals

October Goals

As much as we love Autumn, we’re not giving up on summer yet. Instead, we’re heading to Portugal for two weeks for some exploring. I do find that not being at home makes my monthly goals go a bit skew-whiff… but I will be at home for the second half of the month and there are a few bits I want to get sorted. Here’s are my October Goals.


    I broke my camera screen which you might have seen on Instagram. Unfortunately, they can’t get the part they need to fix it into Jersey till when we’re on holiday so it’s going to be late October by the time it’s all working properly again. I wouldn’t mind as much but with our holiday it’s slightly annoying. There is a little silver lining though. Danny has wanted a camera for a while but put off buying it because we both use my Olympus. This has given Danny that little push to buy the one he wants so fingers crossed it arrives in time for our holiday!


    I think it’s important to do this every once in a while but often bing watching Amazon prime is far more appealing. Our cupboards seem to be overflowing at the moment, and I’m sure I have pots and pans I don’t use, let alone pantry food which is probably past its sell-by date.


    We’re in desperate need of a chest of drawers- it’s definitely the next interior item to purchase. We have a lot of open shelving which I love but I there are some bits and pieces I don’t want to see. We’ve found a couple we like but they’re more than we’d ideally spend on a chest of drawers, but we’re torn. Do we find some cheaper ones and end up replacing them, or do we splurge but keep them for life?


    There are some great free tools out there for planning social media, yet we don’t use any. I know this is a huge mistake and we’re missing out of redirecting potential new readers… but I have never prioritised this. I really want to give it a go this month and see if it makes a difference. We spend all this time taking photos and writing posts but barely anytime promoting them. I’m making our twitter and facebook my prioritise this month. Wish me luck!


    The last couple of trips we’ve been on have been a long weekend here and there, but this time we’ve got a little longer. Instead of trying to cram everything into a short couple of days, we have time to relax, wander and explore at a more leisurely pace. I want to have my pastel de nata and coffee whilst people watching and hopefully enjoying some sunshine. My goal is to relax.

Have you got any October goals? Share your plans in the comments below, I’d love to hear them.






  1. October 7, 2017 / 14:52

    We did the same in Portugal – lots of relaxing and it was loooovely! Definitely up your promotion – I bet it will be super useful! x

    • October 9, 2017 / 18:13

      Thank you! I think the scheduling tweets has made a huge difference! Especially while we’ve been away, I haven’t had to think about it which has been lovely 🙂 x

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