Battle Of The Balms

Battle Of The Balms |

Here in Jersey, this week has not been the best weather wise, we were given a glimpse of the autumn to come and the winter that will follow and I realised that maybe I would regret complaining about the heat on those summer days that feel like an age ago.

Chapped lips are a problem for me, not just in the colder weather but all year round. And there a few I reach too. ( Not picture: By Terry Baume de Rose)

Battle Of The Balms |

Nuxe Reve de Miel is unlike any other balm I’ve tried as it’s matte. I think it’s great for using before lipstick as it doesn’t make the colour side off but still nourishes and moisturises.

Battle Of The Balms |

Hudsalve was a product I stole from H (oops!), he’s since claimed it back but he’s assured me he has two more so it is available at my request. It didn’t actually surprise me that H had a balm designed for the Swedish military being a man of practicalities. I can’t recommend this product enough, it has both our seals of approval and it really is the best thing for when nothing else will do the trick. It’s a multi usage balm but in stick form which I find a lot more pleasant and hygienic that the ones that come in a tube, I find them overly greasey and If possible I do prefer balm that I don’t have to dip my finger into ( although I don’t think many sticks are up to the same standards of the pots!) .

Battle Of The Balms |

I got this cute little Vaseline tub last year when I went to Las Vegas, and although I don’t think vaseline is great for lips that need some serious S.O.S, I think it’s great for maintaining lips and the patroleum jelly combined this particular colour adds a lovely sheen for healthy looking lips.

Battle Of The Balms |

And finally Blistex MedPlus, before Hudslave, this was my go to, I actually find the slight tingle it gives my lips soothing. Is that weird? I do find that the dead skin and rough texture (sorry TMI) tends to sort of dissolve with this, it haven’t got any physically exfoliating beads in it but after it’s suck in, thats the effects it gives; exfoliated and moisturised.

Any other balms you recommend?



  1. September 25, 2015 / 13:42

    The Vaseline lip therapy literally saves me every winter! I’m glad it’s becoming more popular. Badger lip balm is great too, but a little on the thick side. I have some fall favorites for saving dry skin that might be of help as well- check it out!

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