5 Goals for 2018

Although halfway through January and with Christmas and the New Year celebrations long behind us it’s easy to forget new year’s resolutions some of us might have set way back on January 1st. Usually, Laura would be in full control of goal write up’s on the blog and I am assured a January Goals is coming from her so watch this space…

Switching things up for 2018 I am taking the reigns and trying to look forward to the year ahead with 5 simple goals. Much like a resolution goals are things to aim for and stick with. I am not the type of person to usually compartmentalise my life into things like this but in the spirit of goals, let’s do this.


  1. Continue travelling, in 2017 myself and Laura were lucky enough to visit some amazing places and share new experiences together. Although our travel calendar looks less booked for the last 6 months 2018, we can’t wait to start planning new adventures.
  2. Eat more consciously. I’ve been fortunate enough to never have any serious health conditions up to this stage in my life but after turning 30 and taking a blood test which revealed high levels of triglycerides it was time to have a rethink.
  3. Get married! In October last year, I asked Laura to be my wife, the last 3 months have been a bit of a learning curve for both of us finding out what exactly the other persons expectations are of our big day. I think we are almost on the same page and now it’s time to just commit to a date for good.
  4. Family values are always important and although I’ve never had a close relationship with either of my parents who are still together, they have always been there in one form or another. My Dad retires this year and my Mum needs more care and attention from those around her than ever so being more involved should be prioritised
  5. Plan for the future. Although as glamorous as blogging full time would be, my day job is not quite so glam. Working on a local infrastructure project for the past 4 years has been amazing and the freedom I get in my day job is the best I’ve ever had, however, all good things come to an end. The project is due to end this year and it’s time to start thinking what the next stage in my working life will be.


    • January 22, 2018 / 12:28

      Thanks Neeltje! Have you got any trips booked for this year? Or anywhere you’d recommend? 🙂

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