A Lisbon lookbook

Our late summer holiday exploring Lisbon in early October turned out to be hotter than we expected with temperatures ranging between 27-34 degrees Celsius. I tried my best to pack as light as I could – something I’m not always the best at! Luckily we were staying in an Airbnb so we were able to wash our clothes and wear them when we headed on to Lagos. Here’s my Lisbon lookbook, a shoppable style diary from our city break.

Lisbon Day One

What to wear in Lisbon

What to pack for a trip to Lisbon

Best outfits for exploring Lisbon

On Our first day in Lisbon, it was 31 degrees Celsius. It was October and the weather could have gone either way so packing wasn’t the easiest. I had read to pack sensible shoes for Lisbon but they weren’t kidding! There are so many hills, it’s a surprise when you actually find somewhere flat. My trustee Nike trainers were a must to ease my legs in, I thought I’d be wearing them for the whole trip! After looking at the weather forecast. I knew tomorrow would be hotter and I’d most likely need my breeziest of outfits then so I opted for a black cami and these gingham, cotton shorts with a beautiful frill detail.

Lisbon Day Two

Why to pack for a Lisbon city break

This was predicted to be the hottest day of our trip so out came the little white dress. I picked this up on a whim from Asos a week before we left suddenly panicking that I didn’t own enough clothes…does anyone else do this? It worked perfectly with my tan and gold accessories and kept me as cool as I could be walking around in the 34-degree heat. I don’t find the dress super flattering on my shape without the belt but it does also work well as a beach cover-up. The quality isn’t the best but it wasn’t expensive and was perfect for a carefree addition to my holiday wardrobe.

Lisbon Day Three

Lisbon Lookbook

Easy looks for your next city break

What To Wear For a City Break

You can’t go wrong with white and denim. I never used to wear shorts but this trip I’ve really pushed out of my comfort zone as they’re just so easy to throw on.  I love the light wash of these shorts and that they’re not as short as a lot of ones you see in shops now. The sheer, embroidered lace, white top gave me a bit of sun protection without trapping too much heat. Again paired with my tan accessories as I did my best not to overpack…

Lisbon Day Four

topshop in Lisbon lookbook

Floral Tea Dresses for your next city break

Easy city break looks that won't break the bank

I hadn’t worn this old floral dress for some time (years) but I love how easy it is and flattering. The aline cut and the V-shaped neckline makes for a simple look any shape can pull off. I know this exact dress won’t be available any longer but there are so many cute floral tea dresses available. I’m seriously glad I didn’t car boot this item like I’d originally planned earlier in the summer.

Lisbon Day Five

Lisbon look book exploring bario alto

Exploring Bario Alto Lisbon

City break exploring outfit

We were heading to a rooftop bar to sit with cocktails, sunshine aplenty. I opted for this navy outfit with tan details and a red lip to try to add a bit more sophistication to my look. I actually have this shirt in a dark khaki green and I wish I’d bought both with me. I have a habit of finding a flattering item and buying it in multiple colours then wear the piece of clothing to death… I love navy paired with navy for a lighter take on an all-black look. Less harsh in the sunshine and more flattering on paler skin tones.

I wasn’t able to find the links to all of the items  I wore as I mentioned some of them were quite old but, I did my best to link to alternatives that I also love.

What is your favourite city break looks?








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