Baxter of California

 Male grooming products are becoming more and more of a lucrative market these days with the hipster millennial’s loving their beard oils and what not, however, despite the demand few brands stand out that offer what I call ‘the essential 3’. They have to smell great, do what they claim to on the label and feel good on your skin. Baxter of California as the name suggests is a west coast American grooming legend and is a brand that does all 3 plus more.

I discovered Baxter through what has to be one of, if not the best UK male grooming sites out there Niven & Joshua. The site offers a broad range of product categories and a well thought out grooming guide library, which I found an invaluable resource.

I started with the basics and opted for the two daily hair products Baxter offer: the ‘Daily Protein Shampoo‘ & ‘Daily Moisturising Conditioner‘ + as a bonus, I thought the ‘Hydro Salve‘ sounded very appealing with a unique Mojito flavour, how can you go wrong?

I won’t get into the technicalities of what each product claims to do but what I can verify is for someone like me with short to mid length, normal (uncontrollable) hair, the daily conditioner for all hair types, was a godsend when my hair gets to a longer length. I usually tend to grow it out before getting my next cut. I had previously never used a dedicated conditioner either and can now see the benefits of using one.

 Paired with the daily shampoo which is also suitable for all hair types, the two are a must. The mild mint scent from both really give you that refreshed beachy feeling which was quite relaxing and not something I would have previously experienced from using my bog standard Head & Shoulders…

 Price wise Baxter’s whole range which includes hair, shave, skin and body care is generally level throughout and reasonable, there are no big jumps in cost from one product to another which I like to see. Yes, you might be paying double compared to your normal high street generic brand offerings but then, you’re also not getting double the benefits when paying less than half. For most guy’s a shampoo is a shampoo and many won’t care, however, if you want to try something new and feel like you are getting what you paid for Baxter of California is a must try.



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