Pat McGRATH Labs Skin Fetish 003


Yesterday Pat McGRATH Labs launched Skin Fetish 003 in two versions; Golden and Nude, a set of products sure to take your highlight to a new level. McGrath has literally given us the ability to apply light to your face/ body. So what are you waiting for?


Well, the $72 price tag probably made you stop and think… H stood with me as I battled with my inner self-putting the sequinned package down and picking it up again repeatedly. But essentially I was getting 4 products for $72, not just one. I would be happy to spend the equivalent of $68 on Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze and Glow and Skin Fetish 003 includes a brush. What was holding me back?


Maybe it was that I tend to get a natural glow this time of year and my confidence on what my ability would be like applying this product was wavering slightly. In the end, my inner beauty junkie won out. I opted for the Nude version which includes an Iridescent Pink 003 pigment 0.14 oz, Nude Shiny Stick highlighter + balm duo 0.26 oz and a Buffer 003 brush. You can you use either side of the balm stick alone ( the clear balm looks amazing over eyeshadow for a glossy effect) or you can layer the products on top of one another.


The products themselves are beautiful, the pressed pigment is finely milled and the balms blend so easily over makeup or on bare skin – the brush is a bit of a letdown and if it was sold separately I wouldn’t have bothered. My biggest fault is the cheap packaging. It reminds me of the Stargazer packaging; products my friends and I would buy for one time use when we had to dress up. For being one of the more expensive makeup products in my stash, the packing is the worst quality. However, all this being said I do love the product, I think the colour is beautiful and gold would be great for warmer skin tones. I like how easy to use they are and how build-able or subtle they are depending on your preference.

Left – Right; Pigmented Powder. Nude Shiny Stick Highlighter. Balm Stick Highlighter. Balm Stick Highlighter + Pigmented Powder.

Whether your after that skin like finish or your looking for this year’s festival-goers best friend, this is it… it’s just a shame about the packaging which leads to a slightly unjustifiable price tag!


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