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Jersey is having the most delightful April, isn’t it lovely to feel the sunshine on our skin again? To be able to be out in the fresh air without waterproofs and layer upon layer- not to jinx things! If you watch our instastories, you’ll know we were out and about a lot last weekend. After trying the new brunch menu at Ormer… psst it’s God damn delicious! We headed to Bonne Nuit Bay. It’s situated on the beautiful coast of the north of Jersey.

Jersey Channel Islands

Growing up the cafe was one of my families favourite spots for coffee and a bun. Running over the cobbled slipway on to the soft sand then heading straight to the pebbly section so we could start sifting through the rocks in search of sea glass.

Jersey Channel Island Blog

Now the cafe has changed hands more than once since then. It now offers two menus, one traditional English food and the other Thai. We have yet to eat off these menus – although, it’s only a matter of time as we’ve pin pointed it as a date spot for this summer. Danny can recommend the white chocolate cheesecake  and I can vouch for the almond and plum slice, plus, they make a mean mug of tea.

Jersey Channel Islands

Watching the waves crashing against our small islands coastline, the wind in our hair, the birds seamlessly soaring overhead. You would easily mistake Jersey for an island in the Mediterranean not being part of the English Channel.

Jersey Channel Islands

We explored the beach for a time, Danny was slightly better at playing hunter gatherer, maybe I’m out of practice? He spotted two lovely shells while I had only picked up ‘nice’ stones – is that even a thing?

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We found future spots for beach barbecues – whilst being mildly aware it’s only just April and we still have a little longer to wait till the chicken satay recipe comes out for Jersey’s glorious summers. Then we headed to the end of the pier to look out and enjoy the view.

Jersey Channel Island Bloggers

Does anyone else feel so much more alive when the sun comes out? I love winter but it does make me want to hibernate, possibly a little too frequently! But Spring, when everything around you is coming to life, how can you not join in.



  1. Simon Lidbury
    April 12, 2017 / 09:46

    Lovely photos and video. I lived here in Falaise de Fremont for a year and never tired of opening my curtains to that view each day.

    • April 12, 2017 / 15:52

      Thank you Simon, such a beautiful area 🙂

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