Pancakes with Vanilla, Honey Butter

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.comVanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

Buttermilk pancakes with vanilla, honey butter topped with maple bacon, maple syrup and a side of berry are a favourite of ours. The Highland Sugarworks Pancake mix is a staple for our sweet toothed Sunday breakfasts, and H certainly has a sweet tooth. We purchased it from Whole Foods, but you can find an alternative Here.

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

Follow the instructions on your packet of pancake mix, Highland Sugarworks only calls for a single egg and two cups of water, although I alter the amount of water depending on the consistency I’m looking for, more water for a thinner crepe style pancake, or as we enjoyed this morning thicker american style pancakes using slightly less liquid.

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

The elegance of the vanilla, honey butter is the simplicity of it.

With only three ingredients:

– Butter
– Vanilla bean paste/ vanilla bean
– Honey

All you need to do is mix the ingredients together according to taste, I normally use two tablespoons of butter, two teaspoons  of honey and roughly an eighth of a teaspoon of vanilla. As the butter melts through the pancake it almost glazes the pancake in the vanilla and honey.

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

Once the bacon is grilled, pancakes are lightly brown and you have your toppings, your ready to start assembling.

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

I start by spreading a dollop of the souped up butter onto the top of each pancake in the stack and adding in a slice of the maple bacon, this bacon (we get ours from Waitrose) is seriously good for any breakfast situation, or any recipe in fact.

Vanilla Honey Butter Pancakes |

Add a drizzle of maple syrup and a scatter of mixed berries and Sunday breakfast is served.

I prefer the stack method while H likes to individually dress each pancake with toppings one at a time, whats your favourite method?



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      Thank you! It really was lovely! 🙂

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