Budapest City Guide | Tips For Visiting The Thermal Baths

Szechenyi Budapest

The thermal baths of Budapest are both many and renowned to the area, Budapest does sit on a patchwork of 125 thermal springs after all. Either to ease yourself into holiday mode or to end your time in this beautiful city, we highly recommend a visit to one of the thermal baths.

Budapest Thermal Baths

There are three well-known baths; Szechenyi, Gellert and Rudas. But much more exist and narrowing it down to one or two to visit is no easy feat. We ended up going to Szechenyi as it was in an area of Pest we had yet to explore so we made a morning of it.

What to Do in Budapest

Hungarian Thermal Baths

Whilst the baths took us a little while to settle into, the lack of English signs and maze of rooms can be both confusing and intimidating. We soon relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but there are definitely some tips that can make your experience relaxing from the start.

  1. There is no need to book, and plenty of room so don’t panic about having to book anything before your trip. You simply pay your entry fee when you get there.
  2. Research opening times etc before you go, some hours might be male or female only.
  3. To enter all of the thermal baths you may want to bring a swim cap- some require it. We didn’t and were still able to enter the majority of the baths.
  4. Bring flip flops, the tiles are cold and outside the paving can get hot. I would recommend flip flops just from a safety and hygiene point of view.
  5. Note that there are separate female and male changing rooms but in those changing rooms, you change in front of many others. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin – trust me no one’s looking!
  6. Bring a water bottle, there’s no need to pay for overpriced beverages when you’re in.
  7. Explore, the baths are a bit of a maze with a variety of rooms with different temperature pools. Explore both indoor and outdoors.
  8. Prepare to spends a couple of hours, give yourself a morning or afternoon to enjoy the thermal baths as they take a bit of time, don’t schedule anything shortly after arriving as the last thing you want to do is feel rushed.
  9. You can rent towels there cheaply so if you have limited space in your luggage or don’t want to carry around a wet towel afterwards. Don’t worry too much about bringing your own.

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