Cool Tones & Gold Accents

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When it comes to fashion I must admit I am almost always drawn towards the dark side (hello nearly all black wardrobe). And whilst I don’t see any problem with my mostly monochrome wardrobe … I have decided it’s also time to break out of my comfort zone and as Spring is here I thought it was a good time lighten up.

I’ve wanted a pair of brown boots since my old toyshop ones gave out on me but I hadn’t found a pair that fit my requirements. I wanted them to have a low heel; easy for walking around everyday but not completely flat, and I didn’t want them to be warm toned, I wanted some cool or neutral which would work best with my pale skin and black skinnys. I looked at some from Vince and Acne, but it was the gold detail on these one from Chloe that won out! I love that I can wear these with jeans or dresses, and that they are perfect for a smart/ casual look.

Yes these aren’t the most affordable boots on the market, but if investing mean I end up with the purchase I was after and that they last… then I think I’ll be making a few more investments purchases!



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