20 Ways To Create A Positive Mindset

how to become positive

Trying to create a positive mindset isn’t always easy and sometimes doesn’t feel possible. I’ve been there, but I changed my mindset. I got back to the positive place in which I aim to keep my headspace. Yes, there are days where I feel extra anxious, situations where my anxiety towers over me, days when I would rather hide away. But when I have one of those moments, I actively try to pull myself out of it. I hope some of these tips for a positive mindset will help some of you like they continue to help me.

  1. Take a deep, slow breath.
  2. Go outside take a look at what is around you, and find something beautiful in your surroundings.
  3. Write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day. Before you go to sleep, write down three things for that day you are grateful for, before you know if you’ll have a never-ending list of things that make you smile. It will also slowly become habbit to think in a more positive manner.
  4. Tell yourself something you like about yourself every morning. When you wake up, compliment yourself, or give yourself a pat on the back for getting out of bed. Some days that can be harder than some people realise.
  5. Let go of negative people. Anyone who brings you down doesn’t need to have a place in your life. We are easily influenced by those around us and if you surround yourself with negative vibes, they are bound to rub off on you! Pick the right people for your tribe.
  6. Hug more. There is something about a long tight squeeze, having someone else’s arms around you that can make your problems fade away. Remember you’re not alone.
  7. Light some candles. It’s basically a fact that candles help create that warm, cozy environment referred to originally by the Danes (now by everyone) as Hygge. There’s something about the soft flickering of a lit candle that symbolises hope and helps me put my ‘problems’ into perspective.
  8. Eat well. We all have our own opinions of what is healthy. When I eat well, my mood is always better than when I’ve been eating crap for days which just makes me feel sluggish.Positive tips
  9. Have a cup of tea and relax. Sometimes a good cup of tea can take a weight off your shoulders. It may sound silly but to us Brits, tea really can solve problems.
  10. My mum always says we need to remember that after a down there’s an up. It’s true, no matter how bad things are or however big the dark hole you’re in is. Things will always get better. If you focus on the positives in life as things can’t stay dark. There is always light too, sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find it.
  11. Find a form of positive meditation. It doesn’t have to be sitting in silence on a mat. It doesn’t have to be running or any form of exercise for that matter. Find something that allows you to be calm and be mindful. For me, it’s cooking, it might sound odd but this how I relax and unwind. Cooking is my meditation.
  12. Make time for those who build you up. Make time for the people you can laugh with, who you can be completely yourself with. The people who don’t make everything feel high maintenance, who demand nothing from you and love you for you. All of you.
  13. Do something you love more often, it could be anything. Do you like colouring? Sewing? Baking? Hula Hooping? Whatever it is, make time for it, do it more often and enjoy yourself.
  14. Do some form of exercise. Releasing those good endorphins will inevitably boost your mood.pamper yourself
  15. Pamper yourself. Sometimes when you feel crap about yourself or are in a negative headspace the last thing you want to do is gather the effort to have a bath or shower and wash your hair. Do it. Wash. Wash your hair and then put on some clean clothes. This act of self-love will really make you feel 10 times better. You can build on this act by putting on a facemask, painting your nails etc.
  16. Keep your surroundings tidy. From our Instagram feed you are probably not aware that I am such a messy person. I wish I wasn’t but I really am. I try to make more of a conscious effort to keep my surrounding tidy as It reflects on my headspace. If I’ve spent the afternoon doing a quick spring clean, I sleep better and my tomorrow starts better.
  17. Switch off. Try a digital detox. Whether it’s subconscious or not many of us compare ourselves to other. We gage how successful we are on other people’s accomplishments.  Switch off and spend time in the real world. You’ll notice that at the weekend we don’t post new content and we are often less active on social media. Possibly rare for a blogger but that’s because we are out living, out spending time with each other and our friends and family.
  18. Sing really loudly to your favourite songs.
  19. Focus on you, not other people. The relationship you have with yourself is more important than the relationship you have with anyone else. You can’t escape yourself so you need to learn to love yourself. Focus on you first, and others second. It may sound selfish but once you love yourself you will truly be able to love others.
  20. Don’t Apologise for being yourself. Ever.

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