Das Boom Kyoto Soap

Das Boom Industries

I was gifted the Das Boom Kyoto soap last Christmas by C and to my delight, it smells amazing. Kyoto blends yuzu and shiso leaf with saffron and is intended to be used as an ‘Everything Bar’, simply put it means you can use it all over from head to toe. The soap’s big size is great at 164g and should last a while, the soap is 100% natural which means no nasties.

Everything Bar Soap

The LA-based Das Boom industries offer a decent selection of other soaps along with grooming kits plus individual washes and lotions if soaps aren’t your thing. As mentioned above the products are all 100% natural as well as Vegan, PETA Certified and Gluten-Free + other benefits. For an alternative to boring branded soaps, I highly recommend Das Boom.



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