It Was Time To Declutter The Bathroom

Being tidy is something I have to make a conscious effort to remember. As much as I wish it had been programmed into my DNA since birth.. it just was not the case. That being said over the past year (possibly more), I have made a serious effort to declutter my life. Decluttering makes keeping things tidy and in their rightful place so much easier as you have fewer things to keep on top of. I’d been putting off sorting out the bathroom for a while…


I had empty products I hadn’t gotten rid of still lying about and products I rarely used taking up valuable cabinet space. I had hair clips, and brow gels that I was too lazy or rushed to put back where they belonged and every time I picked a product out to use, I would knock another over.

The built in shelving we have in alongside our bath/shower had become my dumping ground. Again, it was full of products I didn’t use anymore, or that I had mentally already replaced. The sheer mass of bottles and tubes meant finding anything became a bit of a task even though on average I was reaching for the same few items.

All in all what I used to find a calming room in which I could relax and give my self some TLC. By neglecting it and being lazy, I managed to turn it into a room so disorganised that it actually made me feel anxious with the inevitable products consistently falling off shelves. It was time for a sort out.


Bathroom Declutter

The Top Shelf stayed as Danny’s which rarely changes and I stayed in control of the bottom three.

Bathroom Declutter

I decided to move all of my face masks out of the bathroom, I used to keep a handful in this cabinet but I found that I forgot about my other ones even though some were firm favourites. Keeping them all together means I now use a wider variety of my products which I’m happy about.

Bottom Shelf

Starting from the left-hand side, I organised this shelf by the order I would tend to use these products. I always use my eye makeup remover first if I’ve been wearing makeup to try to limit endlessly pushing mascara around my face. Then I move on to Cleansing, I love the Super Facialist by Una Brennan Vitamin C Cleansing Oil, it’s great value and my go to remove the rest of my makeup. I then reach for my Glossier Milky Jelly, once a week I try to remember to add a bit of a manual scrub into the mix too and my favourite has to be the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser.

Once I’ve rinsed off my cleanser and patted my face dry, I like to rehydrate with a facial spritz, I just find it preps my skin for more skin care and is really soothing. Depending on my routine and how my skin is I’ll then go in with a toner. If my skin is red or sensitive I’ll opt for straight rose water, if it’s a bit dull I’ll choose my Pixi Glow Tonic, and a couple of times a week I’ll use my Clarins Gentle Exfoliator at night. Then if I’m in need of a hydration boost I’ll put on some of the Khiels Iris Essence. I also keep some spot treatments and my tools ( tweezers, nail clippers etc) here.

Second Shelf

This is really simply split into three sections. On the left; some evening treatments. In the middle, I have cotton buds, cotton pads and exfoliating cotton pads ( which I love to use with rose water). And on the right morning serums and treatments.

Third Shelf

I can’t find much on this third shelf as there isn’t much in terms of height. Although I could squeeze a couple of masks here, I really do prefer keeping them all in one place now and I like that this cupboard isn’t too over packed!

I keep my lip scrub and a couple of eye creams. My favourite Eve Lom Dynaspot, tiger balm for any muscle aches and a few serums I’m trying out.

Making use of these plain storage boxes I picked up quite a while ago from IKEA, I’ve managed to seriously simplify these shelves.

I thought I’d run out of hair masks and it turns out I actually had three different ones on the go. This Davine’s one has to be my favourite though.

Our bathroom is far from our dream bathroom, but thanks to a little effort it’s a bit dreamier than it was. Yesterday I managed to have a lovely pamper evening and it was far more relaxing than it would have been a week ago. So if you fancy decluttering your bathroom or any room for that matter… here are a few tips.

How-To Declutter Your Bathroom

  1. Clear your shelves/draws.
  2. Give everything a good wipe down.
  3. Anything that has gone out of date, throw away.
  4. Start a pile of anything you don’t use, you can let your friends have their pick.
  5. Put cleansers together, moisturisers together etc
  6. Decide what you want to keep in your bathroom and what can be stored elsewhere. (it’s actually better to store products in cool, dry places as they last longer- we only store them in the bathroom for convenience)
  7. Put the products you’re keeping back on your shelves or in your drawers. Organise them by category or am and pm. And don’t overfill any areas.









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    Thats a great tio

  2. September 17, 2017 / 14:16

    What a cleanse! Looks so much better now! I did that as well a couple a weeks ago and it felt so good!

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