Designing A Wardrobe

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You might remember that earlier this year H and I moved house, for me that meant moving from somewhere where everything was built in, to somewhere where the only storage was kitchen cupboards. We’ve been in no particular rush to purchase all the furniture, both having lived in various places before we wanted to get this right. We got some temporary Ikea bits and we’ve invested in other pieces. But our home is our project that we’re really enjoying working on.

Next up on our list for home improvement is our second bedroom, it’s not really big enough for a second bedroom and at this point in our lives putting a bed in it wouldn’t serve as a good use of space. We have friends who stay but it’s not often enough for us to give up that square foot solely for others to use… selfish I know. So that leads me onto our project, we’re designing a wardrobe. We have a slightly awkward room to work with, it also needs space for a double desk ( well thats are future plan at the moment) and it needs to maximise storage as even after halving my possessions, I still have quite a few too many!

It’s taken us a bit of time to come up with a plan both of us can visualise and agree on, that also realistically fits our needs but I think we’ve done it. A place for shoes, bags, and all our clothes. Now before construction gets underway it’s time to continue streamlining my belongings. It’s taking me some time because it’s not in my nature. By nature I am a hoarder, I got it from my nanny, but you know what, giving clothes to charity and nail varnishes I rarely use to friends feels pretty good!

Anyone got any clear out tips?


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