Taking A Look At My Beauty Admin

There are certain beauty habits that are second nature in my daily routine; brushing my teeth, double cleansing etc. But there are definitely some aspects of my beauty routine that seem to be absent most weeks and I plan to get on top of that!


Beauty Admin, Facemasks to use for problem skin

I love a good face mask and I’m quite happy to chill watching Netflix with my Glossier Mega Greens Mask slathered over my face. But I would like to remember to reach for a mask more regularly. Likewise, my hair care routine is almost nonexistent. I fall in and out of love with haircare so quickly, I’m after some products that are super easy to use but get results. I think using a hair mask on a regular basis is going to help my coloured hair from drying out. Especially after two weeks of sunshine and salt water.

If you’re after a new mask check out these favourites of mine | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Hands + Feet

Beauty admin, hand and feet Essie sand Tropez

Beauty Admin to do now

Beauty Admin checklist hand cream

I am never the one out of my friends with a fresh manicure. I just never seem to make time to get my nails done. I own so many nail varnishes that I have no excuse not to do my own more often. I probably paint my fingernails twice a month, but my feet get far more neglected (sorry… TMI!) I really want to make a conscious effort to give myself a mani/pedi once a week and use hand cream multiple times a day. I went through a phase, that didn’t last long, of rubbing my feet with cream before bed. If I could do this a couple of times a week and add some cuticle oil into the mix… that would be a bonus.

Body Care

Beauty Admin Body Care

Beauty Admin to add to your routine

I don’t think I’m alone in making more of a conscious effort to take care of the skin on my face, then I do with the rest of my body.  I love bath salts, bombs and oils but I want to make dry brushing a priority. I’ve been giving it a go recently and it strangely energises you- so not the best thing to do before bed. Dry brushes are available in most drug stores. Simply brush your body (duh!) in long strokes, working towards your heart before your shower. I also can never be bothered to moisturise after my bath or shower. I get far too lazy, but I’m beginning to resemble a member of reptile family so time to get out the lotion!

Booking Beauty Appointments

When I visit London I love to book an appointment here. But back home in Jersey, I don’t get any beauty treatments. It’s realistic for me to paint my nails once a week but as we get older it gets more important to take care of our skin. Visiting someone who specialises in skin a couple of times a year is something I’d love to invest. I’d love to find an esthetician who can confirm that I am looking after my skin correctly. It would be great to get some advice specified to me and my skincare needs too. In an ideal world, I’d also really like to get a massage a couple of times a year. I think Danny and I would both really enjoy that.

Let’s vow to take better care of ourselves physically and mentally. Have you got any beauty admin you’d like to take care of?








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