Eating Local For 24 Hours

Here in Jersey, we are so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing produce. The amount of local suppliers and makers is truly incredible. Danny and I try to eat local as much as possible, but sometimes it does feel easier to be able to go to one shop and buy everything you need. We set ourselves the very accomplishable challenge of eating local for 24 hours. Not only has it made us even more aware of the amazing products available, but we all know fresh food tastes so much better Hopefully the meals below will serve as a reminder and inspiration to just how easy eating local is.

Breakfast – Spelt Flour and Coconut Sugar Hot Cross Buns with Black Treacle dry cured Bacon

Spelt and coconut sugar hot cross buns

Katies Kitchen is a local baker who uses only the best ingredients in her sweet and savoury organic baked goods. Whether it’s sourdough loaves or these spelt flour and coconut sugar hot cross buns (no cross since easter has been and gone) you can indulge without the guilt. We’re huge fans of the humble bacon stuffed hot cross bun and it’s one of our go to weekend breakfasts.

Eating Channel Islands Jersey

We came across the black treacle dry cured bacon from Brooklands Farm at Trinity village stores and have been picking it up ever since. It is really delicious and very reasonably priced.

Two Humans Living

The perfect pairing.

Lunch – Roasted Jersey Royals with Crab Bruschetta and simple Soft Boiled Egg Salad

The Fresh Fish Company is possibly one of the most loved local establishments you can visit before 1.00pm here in Jersey. You can’t leave there without your mouth watering, the promise of a soon to be full belly and a smile from ear to ear. Try it… I dare you!

Neither of us are good at eating fish on a regular basis, we just haven’t got into the habit. When we do want to get some seafood into our diet, The Fresh Fish Company is our go to. Supplying  all sorts of additions other than seafood you can easily create a few meals from a visit here. Inv fact, you can even order pre made dishes, perfect for busy seasons entertaining. We picked up some fresh picked crab. We highly recommend pairing it with the fresh Mayonnaise and a healthy squeeze of lemon juice. Then just pile it on top of some ciabatta.

If you have ever eaten Jersey royals, you know that they pair impeccably well with just about any dish. So ofcourse we grabbed a bag, washed them thoroughly, tossed them in some olive oil, salt and herbs then slowly roasted them. The perfect potatoes for a mild Aprils day.

Served happily alongside this sunshine salad. We picked up some butter lettuce and heirloom tomatoes from Just William in the central market. I love the variety you can get when it comes to getting your vegetables straight from the farmer. Also I can always count on Just William to have a fresh supply of pea shoots – my favourite garnish. Lastly we soft boiled some eggs. We’re lucky that Danny’s dad keeps chickens so fresh, local eggs are a weekly addition to our kitchen.

Dinner – Halloumi Fajitas from Cook A Bag

Channel Island Bloggers

Cook A Bag is a vegetarian food service which is delivered right to your door. All the ingredients are locally sourced and you even get to pick what recipe you’d like to receive. Three new recipes to choose from every week. You receive a recipe card with all the ingredients, clearly labelled and the correct quantity for the recipe. We opted for the Halloumi Fajitas.

Vegetarian Fajitas

Danny and I are not vegetarians (can you tell? ) and I have to say I was worried we wouldn’t feel full with out our usual addition of meat. But boy did we have more than enough.

Halloumi Fajitas

The dish was so vibrant and flavourful. The different textures and flavours of the spicy pepper and onions, the salty halloumi all combined with the freshness of the salsa, enclosed in a warm wrap.

Cook A Bag

I couldn’t believe how easy Cook A Bag make the recipes, it was effortless to prepare and took so little time.

Cook a bag Channel Islands

The service exceeded our expectations and the standard was high. The recipe options are varied and I guarantee this won’t be the last time we order meatless meals from Cook A Bag

Channel Islands Food

Dessert- Jersey Dairy Vanilla Icecream topped with La Cremiere Salted Caramel Sauce

Finally to satisfy our sweet tooth… a cold, creamy, sweet and salty combination.

Jersey Dairy ice-cream alone,  is so rich and creamy. But, when coupled with La Cremiere’s salted caramel sauce, it becomes more sophisticated and that extra special treat.

Even our four legged friend is desperate for a taste.

Funny how this pairing doesn’t last long in our house hold isn’t it?



  1. April 24, 2017 / 11:54

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for featuring my Hot Cross Buns. I will definitely be trying them with bacon! It was lovely to see you both. Katie X

    • April 24, 2017 / 13:57

      Thanks Katie, we really enjoyed them. It’s a great combination! Let us know what you think when you try them. It was lovely to see you too, I’m sure we’ll see you soon x

  2. Sarah Schweppe
    April 24, 2017 / 19:13

    Wow looks amazing. I tend to try get local stuff too but there’s a few there I never think of will defo be trying them!! Still have to make that other thing too…

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