Six Essential Apps

Let’s face it most of us spend a lot of time on our smartphones these days whether we like it or not and you would be in the minority for not owning one. Below is my list of 7 essential apps for everyday use, some new, some old and some you may not have even ever heard of. Hopefully, you can try them out and it makes your daily routine on your smartphone of choice easier.

Twitter: An obvious choice for some but maybe not for others, I have never really been into Facebook and although over the years have forced myself to engage more it’s never gripped me as much as twitter. The conversations and interactions you can have with brands and friends have always appealed to me more on the Twitter platform and it’s where I feel most comfortable sharing my thoughts and general happenings to the world in small snippets. It’s great for keeping track of what friends or inspirational people are up to as well as brands.

Amazon: I literally visit Amazon on the web and mobile most days trying to find new bargains and offers as I track items I want from my wish lists and shopping bag, which really is the only effective way I’ve found of tracking prices. You can find anything you want, delivery is free and VAT removed when shipping to Jersey so having all of this in the palm of your hands, what more could you want.

Splittable: If you flat/house share or live together and have shared expenses like me and C you need Splittable. This app is a great way of tracking who has paid for their share of split costs. You can title and categorise your costs from household cost; rent, bills etc or more general things like groceries. There are so many tweaks and tricks you can use to make it work for you and your group but in general, it’s the easiest and simplest app I’ve found to track what we both owe each other without it being a major hassle. We both used it on our trip to New York and it proved vital when C didn’t have her Revolut card!

Feedly: Back in 2013 Google killed Reader the one stop website for following all your RSS feeds, when that was a thing. Reader allowed you to follow blogs and websites you liked in one place. Feedly replaced Reader, as a web and mobile platform that essentially did everything reader had previously done. Since then it’s continued to grow and get better and better. It’s an app I visit most days either on my iPhone or iPad and its ideal for keeping up to date with my favourite sites like The Verge for my tech fix or Cool Material and Uncrate for my manly expensive finds. What’s best is it offers you a save for later feature and keeps tracks of what you have read so you only get the latest articles .

Pocket: I find a lot of articles and stories I want to read throughout my day via Twitter, Facebook and Feedly but I don’t always have the time to read them right in that moment and that’s where Pocket comes in. The app is a read it later service that allows you to save articles from pretty much anywhere and allows me to read back the articles too for when I’m being super lazy. You can tag and search finds so you can easily track them down when you want them and everything you read is archived so even once it’s off your catch up list you can refer back to it when you need. It’s a valuable app and service I’ve been using for many years and certainly the easiest way to catch up as it even saves the articles in a way you can view them offline, perfect when you’re on travelling.

Untappd: If you drink a lot of beer and want to keep a track of all the new and wonderful bottles you’re trying Untappd is for you. A social media platform for beer drinkers and lovers is the best way to describe it. You can search beers by brand and name or alternatively by scanning the barcode on the bottle which is the best way I find the correct tipple. You can then rate the beer once you’ve savoured up its taste and add pictures which I personally like to do as some of the bottles and cans I get are worth remembering. You collect virtual badged as rewards which are a nice touch and add friends you know or others who have similar tastes and likes to you and see what they are drinking. Really handy app and perfect for tracking my Beer52 monthly drinks.



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