Our time in Portmeirion at Festival Number 6

Best UK Boutique Festival

Last year, Gizzi Erskine tweeted her excitement about cooking up a feast for a long table banquet called Dinner At Cloughs. That is how I discovered Festival Number 6. Having always had a passion for music, it might strike you as odd I’d never attended a UK festival. Festival Number 6 was to be my first. I don’t think we could have picked a further away, or more unique setting to discover new music, but this boutique festival gave us a weekend away to remember.

Festival Number 6 2017

After a five-hour ferry to Poole and a six-hour drive to Portmeirion, waking up to this view does not disappoint. At high tide the estuary is the perfect place for a dip, we saw kayakers in the distance and signing up for paddle boarding classes were available. At low tide, sand is all that’s left and it’s incredible to see the difference.

Boutique Festival Camping

We ended up being in the first handful of festival goers to enter the festival grounds. Luckily for us, because the majority of the camping is on slopes, slightly frustrating but understandably unavoidable in such a beautiful setting. We were fortunate enough to have our pick of areas and managed to pitch on an area flatter than most.

Port Mierion

With the sun shining, we left our tent and heading toward Portmeirion village to explore.

Festival Goer 2017

Stopping of course to buy a drink…

Airstream bar

…from one of the varieties of bars scattered throughout the various areas of Festival Number 6.

festival fashion 2017

We meandered through the colourfully painted town.

Port Mierion Festival Number 6

All the way down to the estuary to get involved in the fun.

Mind That Cheese Truck

Of course, over the weekend we made the most of the amazing amount of food on offer. From Pies to Pad Thai, Crumbles to Crème Brûlée there was something for everyone and more.

Port Meirion

We explored some more, venturing into the forest, to the Lost In The Woods stage to listen to our first couple of bands. We were shocked at how amazing the sound was up there, and the smaller stages had a great intimate feel.

Yellow Raincoat

We took a quick stopped to fill our glasses and rest our feet before heading to the main stage to watch the opening band.

Flyte The Loved Ones Live

That band was Flyte.

Using the Festival Number 6 app two days before we go there, I was trying to map out who we were going to see. I’d never heard of Flyte but the blurb under their name made it sound like both Danny and I would enjoy their music. We were blown away.

Their carefully, handcrafted songwriting showcases both their lyrical talent as well as their medical and musical abilities. The harmonic vocals lead the way for me but don’t overshine the instrumental talent possessed by all members of this up and coming band. Flyte’s unique sound manages to envoke a sense of nostalgia whilst also pushing barriers.  Perhaps sounding even better live than on their album. Tracks such a ‘Faithless’, ‘ Cathy Come Home’ and ‘Spiral’ from Flyte’s new release The Loved Ones are bound to replay like a record from memory in your head. Their cover of Alvvays- Archie Marry Me is the perfect showcase for their four-part harmonies, spine-tingling and emotional, I implore you to listen to them live and not respect and admire the talent of this band.

Get tickets to their European tour HERE.

Ketel One Expresso Martini Masterclass

We headed to the Ketel One Vodka Kitchen for our Expresso Martini Masterclass. Festival Number 6 had such a wide range of extras you could sign up for. We didn’t really know where to start. In all honesty, we left it a little late and a lot had sold out or was no longer available. Aswell as a variety of boutique camping options, you could relax in a wood-fired hot tub. Dinner at Cloughs, a long table banquet feasting upon dishes prepared by renowned chefs. It was something we had debated about but without knowing the times of the performers we hadn’t wanted to book in fear of missing out elsewhere.

Two Humans Living at Festival Number 6

We listened to so many incredible musicians over the weekend; James VincentMcMorrows’ haunting vocals and the powerhouse that is Rag ‘n’ Bone Man. Slang, Honeyblood, Jagwar Ma and Bloc Party all killed it for us.

Festival Number 6 was filled with so many magical moments, you really have to go to experience it all. Check out their Instagram to see more snippet of the weekend. But we’d highly recommend it to all of you.

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Ps… sorry we were too busy dancing and laughing to take any more photos, but I hope this gives you a little insight into 2017’s Festival Number 6.





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