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Festival Number 6 is a boutique music and cultural festival based in and around Portmeirion in Wales, while it may not be the most ‘hardcore’ festival out there. Here’s what I learnt from my first UK festival.

  1. Where you camp matters

    When you’re choosing where to pitch your tent there are some factors to take into consideration. You don’t want to be right next to the toilets or the bins. Not only will these areas not have the most pleasant smell. They will also have the most foot traffic at all times. You can’t always pick your neighbours but if you

  2. Be prepared for all types of weather

    Wellies were a must for us with the forecast for the weekend, I bought a seriously cheap pair the day we left, but in hindsight, I should have invested. I wore my wellies for almost four days, walking more than I normally do daily and there was no support for my feet. They definitely grew uncomfortable as the weekend went on. Likewise, make sure you have layers. We had a spectrum of weather from blazing sunshine to torrential rain over the weekend. Shorts were great for the sunshine and the rain as your legs dry off quicker than jeans. But a couple of jumpers and a waterproof are essentials for unpredictable British weather.

  3.  Food & drink are expensive

    We took an ice cooler and a big bag of food with us but quickly you get bored of crisps and cider. Festival food and drink ain’t cheap- but you probably could have guessed that. Don’t just buy the first thing you see, take a look around. The first couple of places I saw were selling a cup of tea for £3. I kid you not! I couldn’t justify that but when I saw tea for £1.50, the next morning, I got my fix.

    The same goes for food. Yes, everything is overpriced… but… portion size is key. Take a look at what other festival goers are eating. Everyone was walking around with Pad Thai (not our first choice) but it was delicious, filling and good value compared to some other sellers. A yummy pie with mash and gravy will also keep you fuller for longer than some instagrammable halloumi fries – learnt that the hard way.

  4. You can stay fresh

    I may be in the minority for not knowing this but I always just assumed there weren’t shower facilities at festivals. I also thought that throughout the festival, the toilet situation just got worse and worse… sorry TMI. And maybe that is the case at some. But at Festival Number 6 there were porta shower cabins with hot water, open all day and evening. The toilet also gets cleaned once a day which makes a HUGE difference. Obviously, face wipes, baby wipes and any other kind of- easy clean your self in an unaccommodating environment -is super handy too!

  5. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    When the lineup is announced for a festival it’s natural to be excited about seeing your favourite bands, or the musicians you’re familiar with. For me, looking back at Festival Number 6, several of my favourite moments included discovering new music. Festivals are amazing in that they bring so many talented acts together in one place. Take advantage. Swing by an artists debut performance and don’t stay at the same stage for the entire weekend. I’m not saying you should miss out on seeing your favourite band, but explore too. You might end up finding something beautiful.









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