Giving Up Booze For Dry January

I gave up all alcohol for a month and it oasn’t easy, nor was it really worth it in my opinion.rth it

For a few years now I had contemplated trying to give up alcohol for a long period of time. Not for any particular reason other than just pure determination and a personal sense of accomplishment to prove  to myself I could do it. I wouldn’t call myself a heavy drinker although I do like a new beer to try during the week from my Beer52 monthly box which makes the process very easy, then on a weekend depending on the occasion, beers and spirits are usually consumed and never any wine unless myself and Laura are dining somewhere as she’s partially to a glass or so of red.

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As I said didn’t decide to do dry January for any particular reason, I didn’t even think of any health benefits associated with giving it up for a month when I decided to participate! Although it was a long month I’m glad I did it and happy I managed to fend off temptation but I wouldn’t say it was worth it. I don’t feel any different in terms of alertness, energy or even sleep and fitness, so below are the 5 things I took away from the experience.

  • It’s a mental struggle but easy to overcome even though drinking is not a regular thing for me, my brain would remind me of how I should be having a beer depending on what situation I was in. Having a mental back and forth of do I/ don’t I, and eventually saying no in my head was difficult, but sticking to your guns will pay dividends in the long run.
  • Temptation is all around and your brain will work in mysterious ways, usually, I would not have thought twice when opening cupboards in my kitchen full of beer and spirits, but having the visual reminders and knowing I had given up alcohol made the process harder. In hindsight removing all alcohol from the house might have helped.
  • I snacked a lot more than usual and I’m not sure if I can blame this on not consuming alcohol, it may or may not be related but I certainly found myself reaching for snacks in the cupboards more often over January than I usually would. Maybe this was my body’s way of compensating for the lack of booze?
  • One of my few escapes is getting away for a day to watch live football on the mainland and part of the routine is enjoying a cold pint and a burger or pie, little did I remember when I visited the AMEX  one cold Friday night in January that my routine would be ruined by dry January! I have to admit this was my toughest night. I even contemplated calling it a day and giving up but Laura convinced me otherwise which I’m grateful for but it was certainly my toughest test.

Overall I’m proud of myself for being able to take part in dry January and completing it knowing I went the whole month booze free and big congrats to anyone else who also did the same or even gave up something other than alcohol instead. I think it has been an easy enough challenge but I certainly wouldn’t want to do it again and I’m most definitely looking forward to my first beer today, cheers!


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