Hepper Modern Pet Bowl

Design pet products are few and far between and very much a niche market, the prices also tend to come at a premium whilst omitting function. Hepper, a fairly new brand in the designer pet accessories market sell cat beds and feeders and being cat owners we decided it was time Pixel deserved a feeder that looked good and blended better with our kitchen style.

619BPElsD+L._SL1280_Pixel had been using the fishbowl feeder (above) for a few years and although there was nothing wrong with the product, I didn’t feel it suited our kitchen any longer. The Hepper NomNom pet bowl seemed like the perfect alternative, it offers the best of both worlds when it comes to design and function, plus the cost was reasonable at £25.99


The modern pet bowl comes in three different colours and we opted for the grey as this matched the dark floor tiling in the kitchen. The bowl was delivered in a well-packaged cardboard box and included is the main plastic casing and two stainless steel bowls, nice and simple. It’s worth mentioning the bowls are shallower in depth than the previous feeder I was using but the new bowls still hold the same amount of food. This is a clever and deliberate design feature as the feeder itself is slightly raised from the ground to make it easier for a cat to reach the food.


Clever Design

The best design feature of all is the outer ring construction of the bowl and what makes the feeder stand out, it cleverly collects crumbs of leftover food that your cat may have dropped whilst getting a bit too ambitious on its intake of food. I must admit I was sceptical of this working but in practice, it does a really good job and means you don’t need those ugly plastic mats under the bowl to collect any mess. Mr P tends to gorge down food which in turn makes for a messy food area. The new bowl does a good job at collecting the mess.

The bowl costs more than your average pet store feeder at just over £25 but then if you’re already looking for a good looking pet bowl you clearly have an eye for well-designed products. We would gladly recommend the modern pet bowl from Hepper, looking at the rest of the range of products they sell, the quality merits the extra cost.


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