Holiday Prep

pre holiday beauty routine

As you may know if you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook… we’re off on holiday tomorrow! 10 days soaking up sunshine in Sardinia. In order to feel my best and take less products with me, although who am I kidding.. I’ll probably still over pack! There’s a certain amount of holiday prep I like to do. I don’t always do all of this, and sometimes it’s not all necessary but here is my extreme guide of beauty prep for a holiday.

1. Hand + Feet

I know some people are a bit squeamish when it comes to feet, but they are often a part of our body which get very neglected. In order to have them in tip top condition, start applying a thick layer of moisturiser to them at night from about 2 weeks before. Then why not book yourself a manicure and pedicure 2 days before. If you pick a nude colour or a pale pink, if your nails chip while you’re away its a lot less noticeable.

3. Exfoliate + Moisturise

I like to have a really good scrub down from top to toe and then slather myself in moisturiser to calm my skin. It makes my skin super hydrated and soft, who doesn’t love that?

3. Waxing

Leaving this till 24 hours before is fine, it gives any sensitivity time to die down before travelling. If you’re planning on fake tanning before your trip, then booking your wax for 72 hours before is probably best.

4. Tanning

I’m not the biggest self tanner, as far as I go is the St. Tropez in shower gradual tan. But if you like fake tanning then leave this till 24 hours before and maybe go slightly darker. The darker the tan, the longer it lasts.




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