How To Mount A Bottle Opener

How To | Bear Bottle Opener |

This simple but rustic looking wall mounted Bear bottle opener is a perfect little upgrade to any wall in a bachelor pad, even though C secretly likes it too!

How To | Bear Bottle Opener |

The bottle opener can be installed on inside or outside walls, I opted to use a corner of my outside courtyard (the same one we recently painted the logs in) with exposed brick to mount mine.

How To | Bear Bottle Opener |

You will need:
Bear bottle opener (or other bottle opener made for wall mounting)
– One drill with 5.5mm masonry drill bit
– Crosshead screwdriver
– Wallplug x3
– Crosshead screws x3 (Black) however I used chrome as that’s all I had to hand

How To | Bear Bottle Opener |

Just pick a spot and mount.



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