Adding Colour To Outdoor Space

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I live in a small farmhouse style cottage which was renovated in the last few years, I’m also quite lucky to have a built in fireplace that, when renovated I opted to get a wood burner stove in. Around the cottage, there is an outdoor perimeter wall which is used to stack logs for the wood burner and during the summer C had the crazy but ingenious idea of suggesting that we paint some of the ends of the logs to add some colour to my outdoor courtyard.

How To | Paint Logs |

Initially, I was sceptical, to say the least, but warmed to the idea after C explained in her many words way how this would all come together. We set out on a trip to our local B&Q one weeknight to look at paint samples which we were hoping to obtain free of charge. Unfortunately, it turns out even the smallest of pots still cost around £3+ however, there is a flip side to this. The sample pots hold a lot more than we would need for the one painting session, so this extra will definitely come in handy for the future when we want to re-paint the logs.

How To | Paint Logs |

Once we decided on colours which ended up being as simple as picking some of the primary colours of the rainbow, we got some small brushes. We picked a sunny day to paint outside and I was instantly impressed how this small but neat addition to the logs could make a difference.

How To | Paint Logs |

The wall now has some colour to it and in the sunshine makes the whole area look a lot warmer and fun. This is such an easy and cheap upgrade to an outside space that is worth experimenting with.



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