Huckberry Haul (Part 1)


Late last week I received my 2nd ever delivery from the brilliant Huckberry, my first was just a small but meaningful purchase of their well made Explorer’s Cap which you may have seen me model a few times, it just so happens to be coincidental that it features my alias initial #Winning.


This latest purchase arrived in a much bigger box and I’m so happy with all the products and service I wanted to share a quick post. Firstly for those of you that have never heard of Huckberry, it’s an American website that scouts out new and trusted brands/products and features them in weekly/daily deals. It’s very much male friendly brands with an outdoor and adventure style but as the service grows it’s so much more. The discounts are not necessarily earth shattering but that doesn’t matter, the featured products are high quality and there’s always something new, the discounts are just a bonus. The best thing about the service is that they ship internationally! This is huge for me and their rates are more than reasonable.


If you are purchasing more than a couple of items in one go like I did this is always the best method, I was able to grab last minute discounts on 3 out of 5 brands I was already a fan of but never purchased from. Having them all available in one place through Huckberry was so good and what makes the service so popular.

I grabbed new gear from an Italian shoe company Astorflex, walkie talkie and Bluetooth speakers in one from DreamWave, manly scented candles from GreatBear Wax Co, water bottle from Alex and fresh trainers from Native shoes. The latter 3 are the brands I was already aware of and the products received are awesome. I will do a bit more of a write-up on each product on part 2 of this post but for now, go explore Huckberry.




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