Inflight Beauty Essentials

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If you follow us on Instagram or Twitter you will already know that last Saturday H and I flew from Jersey to New York! – Sorry if you’re reading this at your desk.

For short flights, my beauty essentials normally go as far as a bottle of water, but when it comes to long haul flights… I like to up my game. Not only is it a chance to relax and take care of your skin ( being on a plane for 8 hours normally zaps the little hydration I have ) it’s also a cure for my boredom. Here are few of my in flight beauty favourites:

  1. Face wipes– they just help to make you feel a bit fresher, I like to fly without makeup but there are lots of germs our skin picks up in the air along the way. I’m trying the RMS Beauty Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipe, I like these as they come in single sachets and they contain raw coconut cream which is super hydrating.
  2. Eye Mask and Eye Pillow – I can’t see myself applying a whole sheet mask on the plane but eye mask? Definitely I place them under my eyes and put my Slip eye pillow over the top, no one knows except for me and whoever’s sat next to me.
  3. De stress – Whether it’s a spray or a roller I like to take something to help me destress. Flying for me does make my anxiety flare up slightly and it’s just comforting during in turbulence or other stressful situations to have something to make you pause, take a deep breath and reset your mindset. For me I love Aromatherapy Associates De-stress Roller Ball.
  4. Perfume- After a long haul flight, perfume is going to be the perfect pick me up before you can check into your hotel and shower.
  5. Toothbrush – likewise, nothing make you feel that much more cleaner, and comfortable (it’s also kind on your travel buddy!) I like to brush my teeth before the stay seated signs come on.Other essentials for me include – hand sanitiser, water, all purpose balm, hand cream and moisturiser or face oil.

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