The Monthly Edit | January 2016

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When another year comes to an end, January promises the hope of a new beginning. We seem to put so much pressure on January thinking it will be easier to quit our bad habits and accomplish the goals we never managed the month before. But this year January seems to have worked well under that pressure for me. And it feels like I’m in a new routine and the year is off to a good start.

  1. I have already spent five days in London and packed up the remainder of my there; three years worth of accumulative junk. Saying farewell to what was my London home for a few years was sad and exhausting but it felt like I had turned over a new leaf after throwing out so much stuff I didn’t/never really needed. It felt surprisingly good!
  2. I started my new job – and I know it’s early days but so far so good.
  3. H and I booked our accommodation for New York City for later this year. When you live on an island thats only 9 by 5 miles, having tickets booked to anywhere else always feels good.
  4. The new kitchen has been painted. Later this year I’ll be moving house and I’ve had the kitchen re tiled and re painted and it looks amazing. All I need now is some oak shelves put up and my kitchen table to arrive.
  5. I’m finally in more of a routine, I’m feeling more organised and I’m feeling more prepared for the year ahead. I’ve been eating that bit healthier than December at least and I’m making it to the gym after work, not everyday but every little helps!

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