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Sports, no matter what skill set is required, have never been my forte. So it may not come as a surprise that when JB’s Ping Pong Bar opened I wasn’t in a particular rush to check it out. A bar where you can play ping pong? Didn’t I live on the same road as one of those in London for three years? … Did I ever check that out? No.

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But I finally ended up in JB’s towards the end of last year. Was it the friendly staff? Was it the thoughtfully chosen craft beer selection that I knew would put a smile on H’s face?  Or was it the Wimblepong? Who knows what it was but something made me stay, play some ping pong and have a bloody good time.

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I was really impressed on our first visit by the menu. Although we didn’t eat, I could tell the menu had guts; mac ‘n’ cheese patties, brew punk IPA & onion mayo and a ‘fiery kimchi’ hot dog. Who knew kimchi had made it’s way to Jersey? It’s not that I’m not easily impressed but more that after going to the same places over and over it’s nice to be surprised once in a while. I didn’t know what the standards of food would be like, but after hearing The Calvani Group were responsible, my expectations grew.

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So last week H and I went back to try some of the food. And boy were our expectations met! The worst thing about JB’s is trying to narrow down just a few things to pick off the menu. I opted for the ‘Save The Cow’ with bacon and cheese.

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I mean just look at that apple and cabbage slaw! The chicken was juicy and all the flavours were balanced. The cheese came through, the salty and ever so crispy bacon; just what I’d hoped for.

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H opted for the ‘Blue & Onion Burger’ …more like a tower.

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And after squishing it down, he managed to wolf it down elegantly while I was still on my first half…

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…but that meant he could move onto my sweet potato fries, crispy on the outside soft on the inside; I’d go as far to say they’re the best I’ve had in Jersey.

We loved the fact that they use twelve different suppliers just to ensure they are sourcing local produce. And apart from some of the extra burger toppings and a few of the sides we thought the menu was really well priced and the service, and quality of food was particularly great.


Also worth mentioning is the decent collection of ‘craft’ beers from well known smaller breweries such as BrewDog/ Brooklyn/ Coopers/ Mikkeller/ Dogfish Head/ Anchor which is impressive as one of Jersey’s only bars to feature a wide selection, however, this luxury comes at a premium. Some of the beers on offer can be found at a local supermarket for under half the price which is a shame.

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We left with full bellies, plenty of smiles and my slightly tipsy eyes but we will definitely be back again. I think that mac ‘n’ cheese patty has my name on it, I mean even if it is just for curiosities sake!



    • January 19, 2016 / 21:07

      it’s great, they have a food and beer tasting night coming up too which we might have to check out! – C 🙂

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