Channel Island Sunset Concert


Last friday, I got home from work, cooked up some picnic bits and packed them in our whicker basket as we headed with Darcy to meet our friends and enjoy The Sunset Concerts hosted by Jersey’s National Trust.

Channel Islands Sunset

The event is held on a beautiful natural amphitheater at Grantez overlooking St Ouen’s Bay in Jersey. Those attending are encouraged to bring a picnic and a bottle of something while we sit and enjoy the bands. The event is free except for a charge of £5 per car for parking and donations are also welcome.

Channel Island Sunset Festival

We did just as suggested and packed up some goodies between there was wine, champagne, beers, various meats and sides. Ami’s sticky asian meatballs wrapped in pancetta are certainly a recipe I will be trying. They were so yummy! H’s swiss army blanket made the whole affair more comfortable and cooler boxes kept everything nice and chilled.

Nordic Brewing

The bands that played; The Word On The Street and Little Black Dress did an incredible job of getting everyone up and dancing. I loved seeing the children dancing at the front. The event is really well set up with speakers so there’s no chance of not being able to hear everything.

Channel Island blogger

Jersey’s own bay makes the backdrop for the occasion meaning that the whole evening is pretty special. Being able to see the tide sweeping the sandy beach, the never ending hills with their highs and lows, the atmosphere and everyones smiles as the sunset dances across their faces. You really can’t beat it.

Channel Island Sunset Concert

As you can see the event is pretty popular. It starts at 5.30 but the music doesn’t start till 7.15, we’d advise getting there closer to 5.30 if you want to get a good spot for setting up your picnic!

Channel Island Sunset Concert

Did you go to this years Sunset Concert? We’ll definitely be going back next year.



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