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  1. H and I got that bit closer to our cottage being 100% unpacked! There’s only one room left that really needs to be organised and that is my mission today… wish me luck. This month we managed to get the wardrobe we had designed up and some soft furnishings we had ordered arrived. Problems finally got resolved with our shutters and it’s just so lovely to see it all coming together. Treating ourselves to some new white company bedding didn’t hurt either.
  2. I passed my driving test, and holy moly, if it hadn’t been for H’s patience and tuition I really don’t think it would have happened. I think it’ll take me a few weeks longer to get my bearings but at least I am free to hit the open road if… you know, I get a craving for that sort of thing or something.
  3. Summer arrived, well at least for a few days here and there, regardless this meant shove as much gelato in your mouth as you can, get yourself down to the beach, host a BBQ and just generally enjoy soaking up some Vitamin D.
  4. With the milder weather, evening strolls have become that much more pleasurable. Chasing the last few rays of sunshine and enjoying some of Jerseys beautiful landscapes.
  5. Last weekend we attended The Hope Ball (a charity ball in aid of Cancer Research Jersey), although these evenings can be an emotional reminder of what a blessing good health is, being able to contribute to such a worthy cause is something very important to us.



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