July Goals

Laura Butlin // Two Humans Living

At the beginning of the year, I set myself rather a large set of goals. And while that seemed like a great idea at the time… I just haven’t been able to spend time focusing on all of them. Recently I’ve felt a little unmotivated and I always searching for extra hours in the day. After mentioning my frustration on Instagram yesterday, I’ve decided today I’m setting myself fewer goals for July that I’m determined to stay focused on.

If you have any goals you’re setting yourself at the moment, let me know!

  • Watch less TV. I’m not saying no TV ( Game Of Thrones starts again this month so that would be next to impossible) but a lot less. We have breezed our way through several series this past month and while I’ve enjoyed every moment of it (Handmaids Tale and Bosch – I’m looking at you!). It has definitely got to be one of the reasons my productivity levels are at an all-time low. I dread to think how many hours all that viewing adds up to.
  • Save money. I really want to start saving more money. There are so many investment pieces I lust after that I could save up and put money towards. Likewise, I don’t want to be in some kind of emergency situation where I shed a tear thinking about all the money I could have saved instead of buying kombucha, truffle crisp and other food-related items. Why does the bulk of my wages go on food? Anyone Else? 
  • Walk more. Now that Darcy is staying with us, I have definitely been walking more as she needs the exercise ( well, we both do!). But this month I really want to go to a few different spots, there’s plenty of areas to walk in Jersey. I think she’d really enjoy it too.
  • Get into an evening routine. My evening routine is all out of whack. I’ve felt so drained recently and I get terrible dreams which leave my feeling more exhausted when I wake up. I feel like if I had a slightly more structured evening routine, I would really benefit from it.
  • Meal Prep. Bulk cooking to save time later in the week/ month is something I’ve done for some time. But I find it so much easier in the winter where we live off stews, bolognese and soups etc. All easily batch cooked, frozen and later demolished as a hearty dinner. However, in these warmer months, I’m struggling as my body craves fresh, juicy produce. I’m determined to find some meal prep ideas that I can get down with for this time of year. If you have any favourite recipes let me know!

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