Kiehl’s for Men

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Kiehl’s is a male and female cosmetics brand that specialises in premium face and body products, they originate from New York and started from humble beginnings way back 1851! Luckily enough for me they also have a concessions stand within Voisin’s department store in Jersey which means topping up on products is simple enough.

I was first introduced to Kiehl’s through C who being the beauty queen that she is recommended I tried some of their men’s products out, secretly I think she was more interested than I was. I opted for some small samples and instantly fell in love with Kiehl’s gritty Facial Fuel Energising Scrub. The small sample pot I was given to try lasted 3-4 washes and was enough to win me over as only a small amount is needed.

For my birthday earlier this year C treated me to a full-size pack along with the Facial Fuel Age Combat moisturising gel which despite my protests she insists I ignore the name. The full-size 100ml pack has great packaging with clear information on the front as to what the product does and what’s in it, this is great for a novice like me. The scrub has been serving me well and I use it 2-3 times a week during a shower, it can be used before or after a shave too and it’s really down to personal preference when and how you apply. I am lazy so being able to use as part of my shower routine makes me happy.

Previously I have used a No7 Face Scrub which I used in my teen years and more recently I tried Dove for men deep clean face scrub which was useless, to say the least. My Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Scrub has by far been the best, it smells natural and good and once the scrub particles work their magic you really feel it on your face. It truly feels like it gives your face a new layer once rinsed off and I genuinely feel more refreshed which is the whole point of an ‘Energizing Scrub’. The Age Combat moisturiser has also been a pleasure to use after using the scrub, using the two make a great pairing and doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and helps soften up my skin.

Kiehl’s offer a wide range of products for men and the two I’ve mentioned are just a couple from the Facial Fuel range which I would highly recommend.



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