A few Days in Lagos, post engagement

How to spend a fews days in Lagos // Two Humans Living

If you read Danny’s post, you’ll already know that he proposed while we were on holiday in Lisbon, Portugal. Two days later we hopped on a train and ventured down to Lagos for the most magical of escapes. I will always cherish the days we spent together exploring, smiling and absorbing the excitement of our engagement. The coastline of the Algarve was so beautiful, we really did have to share our discovery. The town of Lagos itself was disappointingly touristy, which is a shame but I want to share with you another side of it.

Explore | Ponta da Piedade

Exploring Ponta da Piedade

Sunrise at Ponta da Piedade

Arriving at the Ponta da Piedade just before sunrise really was such a beautiful moment. We watched the sun cast its reflection on the jagged cliffs, turning them the most beautiful hue.

Exploring Lagos

The area has so many coves, caves and natural archways, we watch kayakers and boat trips pass us by.

Exploring the Portuguese Algarve

Exploring Ponta da Piedade // Two Humans Living

There may be a lot of steps but we definitely recommend heading down to the bottom, the water looks so beautiful with the sun reflecting its rays.


Giant Coffees at Goldig Lagos, engagement

Breakfast at Goldig Lagos

Danny found Goldig when we were searching for nearby breakfast spots in Lagos and it was such a treasure. Be sure to check they’re opening times

as they are closed mid-week – we made that mistake we planned to head back on our last day just to find them closed. I was very disappointed… how could I not be after the beautiful spread and hand-sized coffees we’d already shared there.

Goldig serves beautiful organic coffee, we opted for some super-sized marbled lattes. I can’t convey in an image how amazing the homemade bread was, coloured with purple sweet potato it really was love at first bite for me. The fig jam was so fresh and paired perfectly with the white cheese. The mini salt shakers were a very cute touch too. This vegetarian, vegan-friendly spot was a real treat.

Explore | The Mulitple Beaches of Lagos

Captain of the Portuguese sea

Beach essentials include...

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Fun in the sun post engagement

The beaches of Lagos

We would walk from the walled city to one of the various beaches nearby and spend a morning or an afternoon soaking up the sun, laughing in the rolling waves. It really did feel like heaven, I could have spent weeks and week in our little bubble. There were so many little bays alongside one another, separated by that jagged cliff face. If your feeling adventurous, you can easily cross between then through natural passageways. If like me your not, you can walk along the top instead.

Have you spent any time in the Algarve? We enjoyed our time so much, we would love to return. Check back on Friday to see where we stayed.






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