Bar Cart Essentials

bar cart essentials

Whether you have a free standing bar cart or a table top where you store your ingredients for your go to drink, home bars have been increasing in popularity for some time now.  Depending on the size of your drinks trolley it’s best not to over crowd it if you want it to look pretty and enticing, so below we have listed our essentials. In this list we haven’t included mixers and bowls of citrus and other cocktail essentials, but simply the items we would have out the majority of the time.

Alcoholic Essentials 
– Vodka
– Rum
– Whiskey
– Gin
– Tequila

– Cocktail Shaker
– Jiggers
– Strainer
– Cutting board
– Glassware ( a variety is best)
– Cocktail Sticks
– Ice Bucket
– Bottle Opener
– Coasters



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