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Mahabis the London-based Europe made slipper company have been around for almost two years now, you may have seen their adverts pop up through social media on places such as twitter and Facebook. They have almost single-handedly invented their own trendy slipper market if ever there was such a thing, I was intrigued after discovering them last year and couldn’t resist purchasing.

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After many baiting emails offering me discounts to purchase I was impressed with the sophisticated if somewhat over the top packaging once delivered, but more importantly I wanted to know what they felt like, are they as comfortable as mahabis claim, are the materials as premium as they make out and more importantly is it worth the extra cost?

The first thing to note is I actually owned a rather decent comfy pair of Camper WABI slippers that are almost half the price of the mahabis, they were coming to the end of their shelf life so I thought what the heck I will give new slippers a chance. The mahabis come in two variants, a Classic (Winter) and Summer slipper, I opted for the Classic and both can be customised with different coloured uppers and lower rubber soles which is what make the mahabis different. Being able to customise your pair is fun and costs don’t vary between the options.

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Having personal customisation options is welcome and makes the slippers more unique to the individual wearing them which I love. Clever design elements like the detachable rubber soles which wrap around the front toes and clip on at the back heel mean they can be worn inside and outside the house which is perfect for me. A collapsible neoprene heel makes slipping them on painless. Comfort wise the inside sole is best described as padded and flat, the inner walls are soft wool and feel very snug. This all makes for a stand-out slipper and you might get a few funny comments from friends and family.

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All these clever touches make for a premium price and at £69 that’s not cheap, mahabis knows this if you spend enough time on their site they really hit home the comfort and premium materials factor, customisation for no extra and free shipping worldwide. Still, a lot of people might be put off by that initial price point like I was. I also hate to admit it but I still find my old Camper slippers more comfortable, that’s not to say the mahabis aren’t comfortable, they are, just in different ways. I find the inner soles to flat and not cushioned enough but the wool lining is superior.

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For a truly custom and unique pair of comfortable slippers mahabis are the best choice out there, the comfort issue I have with them is certainly a personal one and C thinks they are the best slippers she’s ever worn.



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