Marvis Toothbrush

Marvis Toothbrush

We all have our own teeth routine, whether it’s using fancy electric toothbrushes or simple mouthwashes. Then there are toothbrushes to consider, that’s where today’s find comes in. You may already know Marvis who have been around for a long time making toothpaste but, what you might not be aware of is their own branded toothbrush. The Marvis toothbrush is a sexy minimalist black brush that features black bristles and the Marvis logo engraved into the handle, and boy does it look good.

Ok so you’re probably thinking yes it looks nice but is it any good? The simple answer is yes, yes it is. I’ve been using mine for the past 3 months and just ordered a new replacement, the brush feels sturdy and the bristles are durable and strong even after heavy brushing and prolonged use. The toothbrush is slightly dearer in cost compared to your normal disposable but, you won’t look anywhere near as cool using the one from Boots.



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