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Ultimate English Muffins with bacon jam

I can’t believe we haven’t shared this recipe yet…

Way back in September, when I lost my festival virginity, we stumbled ( quite literally) upon the muffin man.

The Muffin Man & Co is a firm festival foodie favourite and one of the most delicious ways to start the weekend. We simply had to recreate the ultimate English muffin at home, and it couldn’t be easier.

The Ultimate English Muffins

Ingredients ( serves 2)

– 2 English Muffins
– Butter
– 2 Tbs Bacon Jam (we like this one)
– 2 Eggs
– 4 Strips of Bacon (sausages work too!)
– Grated Cheddar (or other cheese of choice)


  1. Grill or fry your bacon, we like ours crispy.
  2. When your bacon is halfway done, start toasting those muffins.
  3. It’s time to fry your eggs. I’d recommend over-easy as it makes it eating this less messy.
  4. Now assemble the components. Spread some butter on the English muffin halves, add a spoonful of that slightly sweet bacon jam. Layer the bacon and eggs and scatter on some grated cheese.

This is definitely a crowd pleaser. The salty bacon, sweet bacon jam, pillowy soft English muffins and tangy cheese. Is anyone else licking their lips?



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