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Does anyone else read their cookbooks like novels? I own my fair share and I simply adore sitting, flicking through the pages of these wonderfully written inticing book. Some share stories of how a dish came to be. Others describe insight into why the author has chosen to eat a certain way. They might share such beautifully styled dishes, your mouth can’t help but water. However, there are some that I find myself reaching for on a more frequent basis that I thought you might enjoy too.

Cookbook: Get The Glow | Madeleine Shaw

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Get The Glow was Madeleine’s very successful debut cookbook of which she now has three. This one includes a 6-week programme that I admit I’ve never thought to commit too and an abundance of great information which helps to re-educate yourself about the food you choose to consume. I’m a big fan of fermented foods and Madeleine gives a fab introduction to them as well as gut healing remedies like bone broth. Get The Glow and another book I have listed below, I would highly recommend to anyone eating or starting to eat more mindfully. The recipes are varied and include all essential food groups. Old favourites get a healthy twist and if you want to eat your spaghetti instead of courgetti…Madeleines turkey meatballs are marvellous on either. For anyone with a sweet tooth, there are also some brilliant not so naughty desserts you are bound to make on a regular basis!

Some of my favourite recipes include | Chocolate Hazelnut crepes. Lentil and tomato soup. Steak with parsnip chips. Ginger beef kebabs with yoghurt and salad.

Cookbook: The Roasting Tin | Rukmini Iyer

The Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer

The Roasting Tin is the most recent addition to my cookbook collection and as you may have seen on our instastories… we’re getting pretty addicted to the simplicity of tray bakes. This book is perfect for anyone short on time, money or experience in the kitchen. Rukmini has carefully broken down the tray baking basic for you in simplistic tables. Providing cooking times for different cuts of meats and different types of vegetables. She suggests what aromatics, sweetness, carbohydrates, cheeses etc to add. All so even if her delicious recipes aren’t possible that evening you can make something wholesome for dinner. I love to make extra so I can take leftovers for lunches too. Needing only a roasting tin to be able to cook from this book also makes washing up a breeze which is always a plus in my book.

Some of my favourite recipes include / Roast Chicken with fennel, lemon, shallots, garlic and mustard mayo. Oven-baked asparagus and parmesan tortilla. Flash-grilled spiced steak with peppers, chillies and onions. Fig and frangipane tart. 

Cookbook: Round To Ours | Jackson & Levine

Round Ours by Jackson and Levine

Round To Ours is written by famous supper club extraordinaire’s Laura Jackson and Alice Levine. A specifically created guide for easy entertaining which holds some of my favourite imagery. It begins by giving advice and tips on how they set the scene for a feast; the mood, the table, some store cupboard magic. And then their suggested hosting ideas are broken down into brunches, lunches and dinners with menus for all occasions. From an Afternoon In Provence to D.I.Y Thai, this book is jam-packed full of recipes for all times of the year. I particularly love that have food to help you get over your hangover and food for on the move.

Some of my favourite recipes include / Cheese and chive dip. Boulangere potatoes. Pulled pork shoulder and baked sweet potatoes. Deep-fried courgette flowers with ricotta honey and mint. Apple thin with creme fraiche.

Cookbook: The Art Of Eating Well | Hemsley + Hemsley

The Art Of Eating Well by Hemsley + Hemsley


The Art Of Eating Well definitely helped me to re-educate myself about my relationship with food and my attitude towards eating. After seeing Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley talk at Good Roots Festival I was blown away by their knowledge and loved that they didn’t cut out anything. The Art of Eating Well has made me more away of shopping local, knowing where the ingredients I use come from and how cooking from scratch helps our bodies to function better. I’ve shared my versions of several of their recipes in previous posts. I pick up this book on a regular basis and also own their second cookbook Good + Simple which is another good’un.

Some of my favourite recipes include / Pablo’s Chicken. Flower Power Pizza. Smokey Baked Bean. Multiseed Loaf. 

Have you got any favourite cookbooks you think I’d enjoy?






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  1. October 9, 2017 / 20:03

    I looove reading cookbooks! But then I find I rarely actually cook from them haha. I have the roasting tray book and love it! x

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