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October has flown by, I think the change in season and the build up to Halloween just makes days feel shorter. Gone is our summer of rose gold sunglasses and weekly gelatos and we are now truly invested in autumnal hues, the concept of hygge and those fireside hot chocolates. Here are my monthly favourites.

  1. The change in the colours around us. Have you just stopped and looked at the trees? Those yellows and oranges, if you’re lucky a few red tones are surrounding us. Even though there is a chill in the air, the sun is still shining and the world feels very much alive.
  2. Food and good company. We’ve had so many lovely breakfast/lunch/dinner dates seem to have come in abundance this month. Whether with Danny, my Mum or my closest girls, I seem so have wined and dined more than usual and it’s been great trying new places and revisiting old favourites. I might have frequented Pizza Express, Soy (who have a new menu) and JB’s on numerous occasions…
  3. Speaking of food and good company, it’s not essential to leave the house or to even put a bra on. After discovering Cure and Simple breakfasts have never tasted so good. If you’re a fan of bacon, look no further.
  4. Re-potting plants. So the re-potting part may not have been on my list of favourite activities but the end result definitely is. I can’t wait for my new planters to arrive! Hopefully this week.
  5. The Mary Lindstorm The Problem Solver mask. I bought this face mask earlier this month and reach for it multiple times a week. You activate the mask yourself and it is really helping my skin. Expect a post on it soon.
  6. Reading, I have always loved books but it can be difficult in such a technology driven online generation to remember to make some time for print. This month I have picked up several books (and boy are there some good’ens out there at the moment) and I’ve really appreciated the time I’ve spent reading other people’s words and turning pages.
  7. Listening to C Duncan’s album The Midnight Sun, the follow-up album to Mercury-nominated Architect. This album is so soothing without feeling sluggish. I have so much admiration for the multi-talented artist that is C Duncan, he composes and produces all his own music and does his own album artwork too. If you haven’t already, go check him out.

What have you been loving this month? 



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