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Oddsocks is a Uk touring theatrical productions company, and an experience unlike any other. Since I was about 5 years old as a family we have made it a tradition when possible to attend one of their summer Shakespearean performances. This years production is a Steampunk Macbeth, and I can’t recommend it enough. (One family member went as far as to say it was their favourite EVER Oddsocks performance.)

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You are invited to bring a picnic to enjoy before the performance. We feasted on cold meats, black truffle crisps, a combination of salads, cheeses, grapes and chocolate brownies for a sweet dessert. In Jersey the production is held in Coronation Park and, whilst the performance starts at 8pm we aim to get there for 6pm. If you get there in good time you are able to place your coat or jumper on some of the seating provided to save yourself a good place! Careful though… if you sit too near the front, you might get picked on to go on stage.

odd sock theatre production

Programmes are sold, the actors work the crowd and then the show begins. In all of the years I’ve been attending, the talent of the performers has always been clear. From acting and singing to playing instruments and interacting with the crowd. The comedic side of every show is clear and a certain amount of improvisation is expected. From Andy Barrow,  who alongside his wife invented Oddsocks to Ben who is the newest member of the team there are familiar and fresh faces to keep you entertained. One thing I would say is to expect the unexpected!

odd socks

There is an interval and the show comes to an end between 10 and 10.30pm. Odd socks are touring the Uk but only in Jersey till August 10th and honestly it is such a refreshing way to spend an evening. Expect laughter and friendly faces and to see Macbeth as you never have before!

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  1. August 6, 2016 / 00:10

    Love Oddsoaks. They have been visiting Jersey since I was a teenager and always try and catch them wherever they are. Elizabeth castle was a great venue. Nice use of the park and change from the recent years at Durrell. Great night out

    • August 6, 2016 / 09:11

      It’s so lovely isn’t it! Oh I’d love to see them at Elizabeth Castle! I do miss the old wagon they used to use as the stage though!

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