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This weekend Danny and I went to see Paper Dialogues.  Paper Dialogues is an artistic collaboration between Xiaoguang Qiao from China and Karen Bit Veijle from Scandinavia. The exhibition is called Paper Dialogues as both artists have created large scale papercuts about their history and culture which they then present to each other and their audience as a continuous dialogue.

Until this exhibition made it’s way to Jersey, I didn’t realise that there were paper artists in this sense. I now feel pretty naive after doing a bit of research and realising that there is a huge community of papercutting artists. Seeing these pieces of art in person truly is mesmerising. Thinking about the skills involved, the patience of the artist, and the intricacy of the designs is almost too much to fathom. Especially if you’re like me and can’t seem to cut in a straight line a lot of the time! The large scale of these designs is an unexpected contrast to the delicate, fragile nature of the craft. Each piece of art was sandwiched between sheets of glass and the translucency of the paper illuminated casting beautiful shadows across the walls and floor. The contrast of the black against the white, the shadows against the light and the strength the pieces possess really are worth going to see.

The exhibition is open until 26th October, Monday – Saturday 10 am -4.30pm at St. Helier Town Hall. It’s free to all so why not do something different on your lunch break and go take a look!




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