Peel (Super Thin) iPhone Case Review

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I’ve been living with my iPhone 7 for a couple of months now and been using iPhones since their inception, during these many models and over the years I have gone through various cases, which as a lover of Apple design, is not something I’m always fond of doing. However, needs must and having the type of day job I have where using my phone on jobs is essential, protection is needed to ensure maximum longevity of my phone.

Previously I have used thicker cases which do the job but add bulk to the phone, over time wear and tear has run its course and corners have cracked off or sections have peeled and worn away. Although this is a sign of the case doing its job it also means a grubby looking case soon after purchase and spending the cash on a new case every 3 to 6 months which becomes a frustrating process. If only there was a simple looking case that offered protection without bulk and minimal fuss…

Then I discovered Peel a brand of super thin cases for Apple devices, and when they say thin they mean it. At only 0.35mm thin for the iPhone case, my iPhone sits snuggly inside and it hardly feels like it’s wearing a case which is a weird feeling but a welcomed one as the design of the iPhone still comes through. The case wraps around the entire bezel of the phone and has holes cut out for the speaker, microphone, power/wake, volume and silent buttons.

The case has no branding whatsoever which is refreshing and rare, without a doubt the most minimalist case I’ve encountered. Despite its super thin qualities, the case is a happy medium between style and protection. It will protect against light drops, dirt, and scratches while looking great but for serious big drops, it won’t offer adequate protection so be aware.

The case is available for all iPhone models and the iPad. I couldn’t recommend Peel more as the best minimalist case for iPhone and my only complaint would be that I wish it was slightly more textured for a firmer grip, but that is a personal preference rather than a recommended necessity.

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