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Buying candles isn’t what I would necessarily call ‘a guy thing’ to do but everyone likes nice smelling goods right? So when I stumbled upon the LA based PF Candle CO operated by wife and husband team Kristen Pumphrey & Thomas Neuberger through Etsy I was a bit skeptical, you can’t exactly smell through that shiny laptop screen just yet, despite it being the future and all…

Brand Focus| P.F. Candle. Co | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com

I made an exception however for PF Candle CO’s Etsy shopfront page, the glass jars instantly caught my attention and the apothecary inspired labelling on brown was a winner, I’m a sucker when it comes to good packaging.
Brand Focus| P.F. Candle. Co | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com
The shop is organised in categories of scents for example, ‘woods’ or ‘floral & fruit’ and each scent is numbered too which makes life easy when re-purchasing. The candles come in two different jar sizes, mini/travel or large and are 100% U.S. grown soy wax based which initially, I’ll admit I had no idea what this actually meant (It means the candle has a lower melting point and is commonly stored in a container
Brand Focus| P.F. Candle. Co | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com
I opted for a few mini/sample jars when I first purchased and tried to pick more woody type scents or ones labeled up ‘masculine’ thanks to the extra detail by PF. Delivery from the U.S. only took around a week and half and the jars came in these small cardboard boxes with neat fabric drawstring bags, I instantly wanted to Instagram the boxes alone.
Brand Focus| P.F. Candle. Co | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com
I was very impressed with the candles upon delivery, the glass jar lids once open instantly release a gorgeous smell and that’s the beauty of having the lids, you can use them to keep the scents fresher and longer lasting. It also makes recycling the jars an optional bonus. I found the mini/travel jars took just under an hour or so for the full smell to be noticeable enough and these were the perfect size to test if the product was worth a repeat purchase or not, they also burn for 20-25hrs which is generous for a ‘sample’ candle.
Brand Focus| P.F. Candle. Co | www.thelifeofcandh.wordpress.com
I’ve ended up since purchasing the larger sized candles, the burn time with these obviously increases. I tried a few other scents,some slightly less masculine. This included C’s favourite; the Amber & Moss scent. Something to note is that when I received the larger sized jars they didn’t come in the drawstring bags, instead, they were wrapped in brown wrapping paper inside the boxes I’d previously seen. I’m not sure whether this is due to size, whether they’d run out or if they just no longer feel the need to use the drawstring bags.
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    Love this! What a great and detailed post. Also, your pictures are gorgeous. I’ll definitely be back! 🙂

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