Preparing To Move House

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  1. Before you move anything in, if you are able to try to, do a thorough clean of your new home. Or get cleaners in. You will most likely need to clean as you unpack and when your all settle there will probably be more too but it’s good to get a head start. If your home has been lived in before you want to eliminate other peoples bugs/germs and give yourself piece of mind that it’s clean. If you’ve had builders in, I can almost guarantee there will still be dust in places you didn’t think dust would find.
  2. Make sure you label your moving boxes clearly. It will help so much when it comes to unpacking if you can easily ask the removals company/your boyfriend/parents to put boxes is the relevant room. We’re using different coloured duck tape to be able to see at a glance where the box should go!
  3. Bubble wrap, bubble wrap, bubble wrap (especially if your moving over seas). I recently moved a lot of things back from my old flat in London. I used White & Company and had a really brilliant experience with them from start to finish. Nothing has been damaged or broken and I’m sure part of this is down to my diligence with using bubble wrap. It’s time consuming, yes, but when your super large, delicate Ikea wine glasses are unpacked without any problem it’s definitely worth it.
  4. When packing up boxes it’s a great time to decided what you should keep, donate, give away or sell. Your taste might have changed, you might have more than one of something or you might just not need other items anymore. If you can get rid of some of you belongings before you move- theres less to unpack at the other end!
  5. Be aware of where your putting your important documents. Obviously you’ll want to be aware of where your valuables are but important documents are easily lost when moving house. You could create a binder file to keep all these safe.

Have you got any moving tips we might want to know about? Leave them in the comments below!



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