Releasing An Album


  1. If you’ve never released music before, it will be a bit of a learning curve… atleast thats how I felt. I compiled so many to do lists and whenever I reached the bottom of one someone would say ‘Have you done this?… Have you thought about contacting so and so…? etc and it becomes more and more daunting when you panic that you haven’t done some of the (actually unnecessary) suggestions people have kindly given you. You will make mistakes and there will be things in hindsight you would have done differently. but somehow you get there.
  2. You will meet some incredible people along the way. If you meet anyone with more experience than you, anyone who gives you any their time or anyone nice enough to help you out, keep in touch with them as you never know when you will need to thank them or ask questions again.
  3. It’s not all exciting. There is a process and some of it is lots of fun; writing music, recording, doing album artwork or meeting with people to discuss artwork etc… but some things are not so exciting. Trying to sort out the legal side of your music, protecting your music, sorting out copyright, picking a distributor if you want your music on iTunes or Spotify or Amazon. I went with Ditto Music who were so simple to use and really easy to contact.
  4. You won’t be able to predict how long things take. The writing/ recording process for me was one of the quickest aspects which I didn’t foresee and the producing/ mastering/ printing and artwork and legal side took the longest. Having never done any of this before there is no way I could have none this, and thats ok!
  5. You will be overwhelmed by the support you receive. People you haven’t been in contact with for years will get in touch, even if people don’t like you music they will appreciate your handwork and what you have accomplished. Friends will go above and beyond. H even got a limited edition vinyl of my tracks made and the original artwork (that I painted and collaged in my room) framed. No matter what it will surprise you and you will thank everyone and it won’t feel like enough.

Modern Playground Love is available NOW.

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